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The Qteros team is developing cellulosic ethanol that will provide clean and affordable transportation fuel, spur economic development, and improve the health of our planet. With smart agriculture and advanced microbiology, we are addressing the world's considerable energy challenges by utilizing its own renewable natural resources.


The Q Microbe® was discovered in 1996 near the Quabbin Reservoir in Western Massachusetts by University of Massachusetts Microbiologist Dr. Susan Leschine and her lab assistant, Tom Warnick. Quickly recognized as a novel life form... more

Research and Innovation

With its dedicated team of leading scientists, management, and support staff, Qteros has achieved important technology milestones, demonstrating the ability to produce commercially viable quantities of cellulosic ethanol efficiently and cost-effectively... more


Under the leadership of Stephan Rogers, Founder and former COO of Qteros, and Dr Judy Giordan CTO, Qteros' management team is poised to commercialize their innovative technology... more


In the fast-changing world of biotechnology, many solutions come through partnerships. Creating a new one-step production technology that integrates seamlessly... more


Qteros is located at 99 Pulpit Hill Rd, Amherst, Mass 01002.

biomass for cellulosic ethanol and biofuels production

Nearly any type of excess biomass can be transformed into clean transportation fuel.

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