The Best Antibacterial Body Wash To Protect Your Body


Perhaps you do not realize, but there are always billions of bacteria around us. Therefore, washing them away from our bodies is critical, particularly for those who have to live and work in not-so-clean conditions.

Thus, no matter who and where you are, the best antibacterial body wash that we review below will be what you want to take a look at. But first, read the notice from FDA about antibacterial soap.

Best Antibacterial Body Wash: Top 10 Recommend

1. Oleavine TheraTree Oil Soap – Best overall

Perhaps you have ever heard about Oleavine tea tree oil body wash because this tree oil face soap is a famous antibacterial wash for body and foot in the market.

These natural body washes contain natural ingredients that are effective against common skin infections without causing any irritation for all types of skin, even the most sensitive one.

Indeed, unlike most tea tree body and foot care washes in the market, there is no harmful chemical such as preservatives, thickeners, detergents, petroleum by-products, artificial colors, or fragrance in the exclusive formulation of Oleavine.

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The premier natural antibacterial agents within this natural body wash are antifungal tea tree oil, oregano oil, neem oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, white tea, mint extract, cinnamon bark extract, thyme extract, and rosemary leaf extract.

Meanwhile, coconut water, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, Cranberry oil, Pomegranate seed oil, oregano oil soap, Flaxseed oil, olive oil, aloe vera, Cocoa butter, and Shea butter are ideal ingredients in the antibacterial bar soap to moisturize and nourish your skin.

As you can see, all of these soap bar ingredients are 100% natural, friendly to our skins, and promise to bring about comfortable, fragrant scents as well as fresh feeling all over our bodies.

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We tested this hearth tea tree body wash on patients with symptoms of irritated skin (dry, scratchy, rash, itchy skin, and so on), acne, and mild fungal infections. All of them got positive results merely after one week of using this tea tree body wash!


  • 100% natural tea tree soap
  • Comfortable, fresh scent with natural ingredients
  • Safeguard antibacterial effectiveness
  • Moisturize and nourish any skin type (even facial skin)


  • The smell may not suit some people

2. Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash – Best for pH Balance

As you can infer from its name, the Dettol antibacterial PH balanced body wash can maintain the pH condition on your skin perfectly. Therefore, you can always have a healthy and smooth skin without any advantage for bacteria to grow.

In spite of using artificial anti bacterial substances rather than natural ingredients like the antifungal antibacterial Oleavine TheraTree Oil Soap, the patented formula of Dettol antibacterial hand and body clean wash is still designed to be safe for sensitive skin.

There are numerous active ingredients in the Dettol antibacterial hand wash to effectively fight against harmful germs such as pyrithione zinc, sodium Laureth sulfate, salicylic acid, Cocamidopropyl betaine, citric acid, sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, glycerin, chloroxylenol, tetrasodium EDTA,  polyquaternium-7, sodium hydroxide, etc.

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These substances in Dettol antibacterial PH balanced body wash are scientifically proven and also recommended by doctors for treating acne (salicylic acid acne treatment is very famous), psoriasis, horn, eczema, hives, and many other skin illnesses.

Nonetheless, if you are suffering from these sicknesses at a high level, the antibacterial soaps should only be a supportive therapy instead of replacing the role of specialized medicines and the treatment of doctors.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a bottle to try this antibacterial deodorant soap because it only comes as a pack of two 21.1-oz pump bottles. The good news is that it does not cost too much.


  • Safe for skin
  • Mild odor armor
  • Balance pH and moisture of your skin
  • Work well for alleviating bacteria and virus


  • Not sold separately

3. Dove Body Wash 10011111396491 – Best for moistening the skin 

It is needless to say that Dove is a famous brand for body bar soap, remedy soap (e.g., soap for acne), shampoo, and other related products for cleaning the human body.

This Dove 10011111396491 antifungal antibacterial soap is made with the patented formula “Moisture Renew Blend”, which supplies lipids and glycerin that can be absorbed deeply from the top layers of your skin.

It also guarantees the pH balance and mild effects on sensitive skin, pampers your skin with a luxurious and rich-nutrient formula, leaves you a smoother skin as well as a clean and fresh feeling than any standard shower gel can do.

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At the same time, we can consider it as a plant-based moisturizing body wash. In addition to naturally derived cleansers that help to remove bacteria stick to our skin daily, there are skin-natural nutrients for gentle microbiome treatment, nourishing and maintaining healthful skin.

If you are kind of eco-friendly users, this Dove deep active clean body wash is PETA-certified, paraben-free and is contained in completely recycled bottles.


  • Bar for dry sensitive skin recommended by dermatologists
  • Eco-friendly bottle and user-friendly ingredients
  • Help with dry and sensitive skin
  • 8 hour fresh scent to remove body odor


  • Cannot treat dermatological sickness alone

4. Hibiclens Antimicrobial/Antiseptic Skin Cleanser – Best for removing bacteria

HIBICLENS oil body wash is mainly a Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution of soap and water (4.0% w/v) that poses a strong impact on killing germs and bacteria.

Furthermore, this antiseptic and antibacterial product is able to create a protective layer that safeguards our skin from these harmful factors for up to 24 hrs.

If you are an active and energetic person, this antibacterial deodorant cleansing bar is a great choice for you to fight germs, bacteria, and fungi all over your body during sports, working hours, and at home.

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In which, athletes foot ringworm jock, body odor athletes foot jock, athletes foot ringworms (ringworm jock) or nails athletes foot ringworms jock are the most common health concerns that athletes foot may meet. And this body wash helps with nails efficiently.

You may also encounter this bar soap in hospitals as its antiseptic properties are loved by medical units. This cleansing bar for dry sensitive skin is totally safe to be used as a surface wound cleanser, hand sanitizer for hand wash.

Although it is a robust cleaner to get rid of bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi, it can still pamper sensitive skin gently even with frequent use.

Skin infections and other dermatological issues that may happen during surgeries, games of sport, working sessions, and so on can be eliminated quickly and effectively with Hibiclens antibacterial hand soaps!


  • Strong enough to remove tough microbes, viruses, fungi
  • Suitable for sensitive skin even under frequent use
  • Can be used at home, hospitals, and other specialized cases
  • Protect your skin up to 24 hours


  • Quite expensive


Depending on your needs, you can choose the most appropriate soaps and body washes with specialized purposes such as moistening the skin, balancing pH, removing bacteria, treating dermatologic problems, etc.

In which, we find the best antibacterial body wash for generic use is the Oleavine TheraTree Oil Soap. It has 100% natural ingredients, maintains our skin’s moisture, and removes bacteria well.

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