The Best Bacterial Sporicidal Disinfectant Bomb or Fogger

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Check this article if you need disinfectant bomb for your home.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to use the fogger.

Now keep in mind. You can use the fogger with the Anna Beck cleaner as well.

Okay, so we’ve touched on the Anna sphere quite a bit in a couple of our other videos and I’m gon na put a link to this down below also along with the cleaner down below.

So we have basically two disinfectants that we recommend this one is more designed for fogging interior places and things like that.

It’s good at killing molds as well as bacterias and viruses, where the cleaner itself is more for a mold application in crawlspace water damage, different things like that.

So, depending on what you’re going after, we primarily use the annabet cleaner in our crawl space encapsulation projects when we have to deal with mold now the atmosphere is a ratio.

So we’re gon na put about 2 ounces of anis fear in the fall girl and then fill up the rest with water, but the cleaner itself.

You don’t have to dilute it. It’s ready to go, so you would pour it directly into the fog.

Okay, so when you get done using either product, you want to make sure that you clean out the fogger really good and rinse it out and I’ll show you all that, but a couple things that you’re also going to need in order to do.

This is number one you’re gon na need an extension cord, okay, so make sure you’ve got yourself a pretty long extension cord, depending on the job that you’re gon na be doing.

The other thing you’re gon na need is you’re. Gon na need a mask now.

This is a the 3m half face, respirator mask and, of course, you’re also going to need the p100 particle filters, these little pink pancake, guys that go on the mask, and since we are dealing with a liquid, it’s a good idea to have some splash goggles as Well, as some gloves, okay and last but not least, the Tyvek alright, so I’m gon na dress up in this dude and walk around here like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man here in a minute.

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But if you didn’t want to go with these pieces, these individual pieces, you could always get the full face.

3M mask that covers the entire face.

It’S got the shield on it and it also comes this unit that we’ve got online.

I’M going to put link down to it below everything and that I’m showing you is down below, except for the extension cord, but this comes with two of the P 100 pancake filters.

So you don’t need to add any filters whenever you purchased this product.

But this is what I’m going to be using today. I like a full-face better, because I just do so anyway, I’m Michael church and let’s get to it. They do this thing. It literally took six seven minutes to fog a nursery.

I mean it doesn’t take very long, but a couple of tips about when you’re fogging number one is if you’ve got items like this, that babies and small children can put in their mouths it’d be a good idea to rinse these off with water.

You know people spray these things with Lysol and leave Lysol all over them, but you shouldn’t do that either, but the other thing is is: if you’ve got a fire alarm system depending on how thick you fog, it could recognize it as a fire.

So you want to cover these guys up before you get started. That would be some of the prep that you would do before. Actually, fogging just go all around smoke.

Detectors inside your house same thing: you want to cover those up and, lastly, it didn’t take a whole lot of liquid to fog that area, so you can just pour the unused disinfectant and a couple of squirt bottles, and that way you can clean your toilets with It you can throw it the mop bucket whatever it is, you want to do so you’re not going to waste it.

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