Blueair Pro Review: M, L, or XL – What’s The Best Fit for Your Space?

Professional environments call for professional-grade air-purifying performance – your average household air purifiers won’t cut it here. 

Enter Blueair Pro – a line that combines a practical, sophisticated design, exceptional build quality, and powerful air purification into a professional-looking, high-performing package that meets the industry’s highest standards. 

Better yet, you can choose from three different “sizes” – the Pro M, Pro L, and Pro XL – which makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your space. 

There’s nothing budget-friendly about them, though, so be sure to read this Blueair Pro review before you make your choice!

Blueair Pro Air Purifier

blueair pro review Our Rating: 97/100


Whether it’s the Pro M, the Pro L, or the Pro XL, the verdict is clear – Blueair Pro air purifiers offer unmatched professional-level performance. If you’re looking to improve your workspace’s indoor air quality – and reap the benefits that come with it – this is the way to do it! 

Blue Air Pro Specs & Features

Blueair Pro MBlueair Pro LBlueair Pro XL
Dimensions17 x 20 x 10 inches 31 x 20 x 10 inches 44 x 20 x 10 inches 
Weight26 pounds 46 pounds 71 pounds 
Coverage390 square feet 780 square feet 1180 square feet 
CADR (Dust/Pollen/Smoke)350/285/250>400/>450/>450 >400/>450/>450 
Filter ConfigurationHEPASilent Filtration TechnologyHEPASilent Filtration TechnologyHEPASilent Filtration Technology
Air Flow ControlThree fan speeds Three fan speeds Three fan speeds/Auto Mode
TimerNoNo No 
WarrantyUp to 5-year warranty Up to 5-year warranty Up to 5-year warranty 

Blueair Pro Features:

  • HEPASilent Filtration Technology with a V-Shaped Filter – The Blueair Pro air purifiers employ a V-shaped particle filter – a signature combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration of the HEPASilent technology – to ensure 99.97-percent efficiency against common airborne pollutants without increasing the actual size of the filter. 
  • 390 to 1180 Square Feet of Coverage – Designed for offices and other professional environments, the Blueair Pro air purifiers boast wider-than-average coverage, starting at 390 square feet for the Pro M, and going up to 1180 square feet for the Pro XL. 
  • Blueair Air Intelligence Module (AIM) – The Blueair AIM – integrated into the Pro XL, and optional for Pro M and Pro L – allows for real-time monitoring of indoor air quality with easy-to-read indicators for air-suspended particles (PM2.5) and gaseous contaminants (GAS), and access to Auto Mode. 
  • Exceptional CADR Ratings – Performing the industry-leading five air changes an hour, both the Pro L and Pro XL boast off-the-charts CADR ratings of >400/>450/>450 for dust, pollen, and smoke, while the Pro M clocks in at 350/285/250, in line with its coverage. 

Blueair Pro Review: An Honest & Unbiased Look 

You’ve seen the most notable features present in the Blueair Pro family, but we barely scratched the surface of what these air purifiers are all about – there’s a lot more to discover here! 

So, if you’re thinking that one of the Blueair Pro models – whether it’s the Pro M, Pro L, or the Pro XL – may be the answer to your air purifying needs, let’s not waste any more time: 

Continue reading for my thorough Blue Air Pro review! 

Unboxing the Blueair Pro: Design & First Impressions

The Blueair Pro family takes on a different design path, especially in direct comparison to the Classic line. Granted, the tweaks in appearance are pretty minor – the strong computer tower vibe is still there – but they amount to much more modern design. 

The design language remains the same throughout the Blueair Pro line: 

First, there’s the impeccable build quality of the galvanized steel housing, complete with the slightly curved front and rear panels, and the Blueair’s signature LED On/Off indicator. And since the Pro line still relies on the classic back-to-front airflow system, the intake and outlet grilles are located on the sides. 

With the strikingly professional, functional design, rectangular lines, and achromatic color scheme, there’s no denying that they do look like they belong in an office space, right beside your work desk. 

What sets them apart is their overall size: 

The Pro M is the smallest one, measuring 17 x 20 x 10 inches. The other two – the Pro L and Pro XL – pretty much look like stretched out versions of the Pro M, measuring 31 x 20 x 10 inches and 44 x 20 x 10 inches, respectively. 

The only thing that changes throughout the line is the actual height of the air purifiers, hence the stretched-out, elongated appearance. 

As for the weight, you can expect them to be pretty hefty: 

The Pro M, which is considered the most compact and portable of the three, weighs 26 pounds. Go up a size, and you have the 46-pound Pro L. Lastly, the Blueair Pro XL clocks in at a staggering 71 pounds!

On that note, considering that none of the three Blueair Pro air purifiers have casters, I don’t think that you’ll be moving them around as much. So, pick a spot now and stick with it. 

Up top, you’ll find a strikingly simple control panel – nothing but large Plus and Minus buttons that allow you to adjust the fan speed. That’s it!

However, with the addition of the Blueair Pro AIM – a feature built into the Pro XL – the control panel includes two air quality indicator bars, one for air-suspended particles (PM2.5) and one for gaseous contaminants (GAS). 

Putting the Blueair Pro to Work: Performance & Effectiveness 

Blueair uses the tried-and-true filtration technology throughout their product line-up, so you can count on the HEPASilent technology – a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration – to be present in the Blueair Pro air purifiers, as well. 

What’s unique about the Pro line’s filtration system, however, is that they employ an innovative V-shaped filter to increase the filtration area without affecting the filter’s actual dimensions. 

With a highly efficient filtration system and industry-leading five air changes an hour, the Blueair Pro air purifiers eliminate up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles – and with unmatched CADR ratings, too.

Granted, the Pro M’s ratings of 350/285/250 for dust, pollen, and smoke fall slightly behind its bigger brothers – both the Pro L and Pro XL are rated at >400/>450/>450 – but the numbers are still pretty impressive. 

On that note, the capacity of these air purifiers is every bit as exceptional: 

The Pro M’s 390-square-foot coverage is best suited for medium-sized rooms, with the Pro L taking on large 780-square-foot rooms with ease. 

The Pro XL blows them all out of the water, though, covering spaces of up to 1180 square feet!

Unlike two of its smaller siblings, the Blueair Pro XL is the only one with the AIM – Blueair Air Intelligence Module – already built-in; with the Pro M and Pro L, this feature is optional. 

Whether or not you get the AIM is entirely up to you, but if you’d like to monitor indoor air quality in real-time with easy-to-read indicators, and get access to the Auto Mode – as an addition to the three fan speeds – then this one’s a must. 

Considering the sheer dimensions – and not to mention power – of these air purifiers, it’s understandable if you’re worried about all the noise that these air-purifying giants can make. 

Surprisingly enough, starting at 32 dB at the lowest fan speed, all three are relatively quiet. The highest speed setting is undoubtedly a bit more noticeable at 55 dB – 58 dB for the Pro XL – but I still wouldn’t label it as loud. 

Blueair Pro: Pros & Cons to Keep In Mind 


  • Galvanized steel housing and impeccable build quality 
  • HEPASilent technology with a V-shaped filter 
  • 99.97 percent efficiency against common airborne pollutants
  • Excellent CADR and ACH performance ratings 
  • Three fan speeds with an optional Auto Mode 
  • Simple-to-use control panel 
  • Relatively quiet operation at low and medium settings 


  • No timer or Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Blueair AIM for Pro M and Pro L is sold separately 
  • Expensive 
  • No casters for mobility 

Decision Time: Is Blueair Pro the Best Air Purifier for You? 

Wrapping this Blue Air Pro review, I’d like to add that yes, the price tags are going to make your jaw drop. Then again, these aren’t your average household air purifiers: 

The Pro line models do hold the title of the best air purifiers for office spaces, after all. 

They look the part, and more importantly, have a powerful performance that backs it up, too. 

Whether you go with the Pro M, Pro L, and Pro XL, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an air purifier that’s better suited for professional environments than these three!

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