Best Bluetooth Adapter PS4

Best Bluetooth Adapter PS4 of 2020

In this article, we are going to find the best Bluetooth Adapter Ps4 by answering these questions:

  • Can we use a Bluetooth adapter on our PS4?
  • How to make our PS4 Bluetooth support? or
  • Which Bluetooth adapter for PS4?
  • Airpod compatibility?

Top 10 Bluetooth Adapter PS4 of 2020 – Quick Ranking

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As you may remember, a few months back I wrote an article on how to connect headsets to the PlayStation 4. I showed that in a PlayStation four ever since PlayStation four had that update. 2.0 they took away that feature where you can connect any universal Bluetooth headset to the PS4.

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Now you can only connect a PlayStation four headsets to the PlayStation four wirelessly. But if you have a Bluetooth headset that has a wired connection that will port under on the bottom, the 3.5 port, you can connect it to the 3.5 connection port on the bottom of the controller and have your headset used that way.

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But some of you don’t have that feature on your Bluetooth headset where you have that hard wired connection or some of you just want that Bluetooth feature, the wireless feature. Well, I finally found a solution to do so besides using the Logitech wireless transmitter headset, which in my last video I showed that it works if you use the logic tech wireless headset that works because it’s a USB transfer.

If it’s a USB transmitter, maybe I could get a U S Bluetooth USB transmitter and maybe that would work. So that’s what I did. I went on Amazon, I purchased a Bluetooth USB transmitter. You can’t get any transmitter by the way. You have to get something that has a low latency relative, you’ll have a huge audio lag on your gameplay.

So if you’re playing your games and you like shoot or fire on gamestop (maybe), you’ll hear that audio maybe at like a second later. And that’s if you buy a cheap of Bluetooth transmitter. So this one’s under $30. This has low latency AAPT X feature, which is great for reducing the audio lag and it’s made by adventury. And the model is leaf. I’ll leave a link in the video description below where to get this USB adapter Bluetooth adapter.

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So you could connect any Bluetooth headset to your PS4 from Insignia. So let’s go ahead and try it. I’m gonna show you how to do it, but you don’t hook it up like a normal, you’re not using the Bluetooth feature. Just not to confuse you. We are not using the Bluetooth feature on the PlayStation four. We’re using the USB connection on the PS four and using this as a transmitter.

So now I have the cover taken off. Now it should plug all the way into the PS4 and I’m going to plug it into the right port. And now I’m taking this Bluetooth headset, my last video. It didn’t connect to the PS4 and this video. I hope it does. It will soon find out from Dongle Walmart. I’m gonna put it in pairing mode right now.

All right, so it should turn solid blue once it connects. Oh, I have to press and hold the button for two seconds. One, two, shake, connect. Let’s see. Oh, disconnect there. Sometimes may have to unplug it and plug it back in and then hold the power button down for two seconds and it’ll flash white and blue real fast. But it looks like it is connected just as discussed on Reddit

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Right now. It’s solid light. I go to settings and go to devices, go to audio devices and then go to right here. Output device and input device. You click on that and now look, look what we have right here. It says USB headset. I’ve done treat leaf. I think it’s a USB headset. So awesome. It works. It totally works. And then you can raise the volume. Now here, check it out and raise the volume on this thing so you guys can hear it.

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