Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99: Which One Will Triumph?

While it may get a while until you get used to bidet toilet seats and how to use them, they slowly enter modern US bathrooms, and more and more users start to enjoy their benefits.

In today’s Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99 comparison review, you will get to know each of these bidet toilet seats separately, and then we’ll deal with all their similarities and differences side-to-side.

Spoiler alert: they are pretty evenly matched, but there are some differences that might be overlooked at first sight.

Therefore, if you’re in two minds about this duo, scroll down and see which one fits you more!

Brondell LT89

Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99

Our Rating: 93/100


Coming from a San Francisco-based company famous for high-quality production, Brondell, this innovative bidet toilet seat will make your life much easier! With its variety of high-quality features like sidearm control, easy installation, warm water, and various types of wash mode, you won’t be needing anything else!

Brondell LT99

Our Rating: 94/100


Another exceptional product from the same company is none other than the Brondell LT99 bidet toilet seat. Thanks to its many functions, this product will benefit your hygiene, keep you clean and also save your money because you won’t need toilet paper anymore!

Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99: Comparison Chart

With such quality products, it is hard to find adequate competitors on the market, but these two from the same line can very welly stand side-to-side.
Before we get to the complete analysis, here are the main characteristics of these two bidet toilet seats.

These specs and features aren’t worthy before they are put to the test and before we compare our two competitors. This was just to establish the grounds for the battle.

Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99: Main Similarities

Similarity #1 – Shape

At first sight, there aren’t a lot of differences between these two machines, and they have a lot of common, starting with their shape and visual appearance.

Both of these excellent bidet toilet seats come in two variants: elongated and round, and they take up almost the same space.

While there is still the fact that you have to choose which one you prefer, after trying out all of them, we can conclude that they are very similar.

A pro tip: To determine which shape you need, measure the distance from the bolt holes to the end of your toilet bowl. If it is somewhere between 16 and 17-¾ inches, the round model will suit you better, and if it is 18-19-½, you’d be better off with the elongated.

Similarity #2 – Durability

Just like their minimalistic (but beautiful) design was similar, the LT89 and LT99 were built of the same high-quality combination of materials.

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The plastic body is a high-end one that is going to serve you for years to come, and the stainless steel nozzle won’t rust and deteriorate over time.

Similarity #3 – Nozzle

Speaking of the nozzle, both of these bidet toilet seats come with a nozzle that offers three kinds of wash (rear, front, and strong/gentle), with the automatic nozzle self-cleaning feature that is an inevitable part of an efficient bidet toilet seat.

It is easily positionable and can oscillate for a gentle wash function and different rhythm.

Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99: Main Differences

Difference #1 – Installation Time

Now, let us tell you that the installation process of these two models will be a breeze.You get complete instructions on how to set up the bidet, there are even the installation videos for both the LT89 and the LT99, and you get all the needed accessories.

The former won in this section simply because it took us less time to install it.

Difference #2 – Warm Air Drying

Both the Brondell LT99 and its predecessor, LT89, are packed with favorable features that performed exquisitely in our tests.

There is the Dual Eco mode for energy saving, which makes them cost-effective, the gentle-closing seat that works perfectly, the attractive LED that makes them convenient to use during the night, etc.

There is only one feature that the older of the two, LT89, lacks – the warm air dryer.

It is a deodorant-type-of feature that adds to the overall convenience, so, if it is important to you, now you know which bidet you should buy.

Difference #3 – Price

In the end, it all boils down to how the price reflects the quality of the products.

While both of these are excellent value for the price, the LT99 is a tiny tad more expensive, and it comes with an extra feature.

Decision Time: Who Wins – Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99?

In this particular case of the Brondell LT89 vs. Brondell LT99 comparison, it’s hard to proclaim that one is strictly better than the other.

You first need to sort out your priorities when it comes to the toilet bidet seats, and then make a decision.

If convenience matters to you, the fact that the LT99 sports a warm air dryer function might be the decisive factor.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind that feature and want to save up a bit, you won’t make a mistake if the T89 ends up in your bathroom.

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