Dyson V11 Review

It’s been ten months since we bought Dyson V11 torque drive. Today, after many testings, looking over the comments, and most importantly our realistic experience, there should be an overall insight of Dyson V11 Reviews this year.

Also, through online reviews of the V11, we will sort out what kinds of issues or problems other consumers have had with it.

Firstly, it has been admitted that even though there are quite a bit more cordless vacuums we have actually use than the average person, the Dyson V11 is the most frequent one, especially around the vacuum or studio, but also at home.



Dyson V11: Power

Starting off with the good stuff, the Dyson V11 is still the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market.

It has both more airflow and suction power than anything tested in our series before.

It has multiple power settings, so if you need to deep clean a rug or clean up a big mess, for example, you could put it in high power for that or use it in low or medium power to save battery life.

Also, after seven months, the Dyson V 11 is still the best cordless at deep cleaning carpets. That is getting the deep-down embedded dirt in carpets. Cordless vacuums on average don’t have as much power as corded ones do.

Deep cleaning carpets especially is usually a weakness for cordless vacuums, but not with the Dyson V11.

Dyson V11: Battery

The battery technology is really advanced. Frankly, not only we have found the battery on the V11 to be the longest-lasting on a single charge, but also when you consider the power output in air flow per minute, it’s also the most efficient battery on a cordless vacuum.

Moreover, you can add that to the unique Dysons automatic adjustment feature where a sensor in the cleaner head detects whether you’re vacuuming hard floors or carpet and then adjust the power up or down accordingly. It makes that already amazing battery life and battery efficiency even better because it optimizes it for your home situation.

This only applies to the more expensive version of the B11, the torque drive version because it has that screen giving you a digital readout of the remaining battery life with the current conditions. In general, it can be concluded how practical and useful it is in the real world.

Dyson V11: Design

It does its main job also really well, which is picking stuff up off the carpet and hard floors even on its low power setting with the adjustable front gates all the way opened. This well-designed floor head really had no trouble with any size debris on carpets.

Though on hard floors, it’s a little worse with extra-large debris, it’s still much better than the average cordless vacuum. It is also found that its wide diameter brush roll resists pet hair and human hair tangles better than the average vacuum forehead.

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It’s not perfect. It still does get tangled with longer hair, but it’s definitely better than average. The bin is easy to empty and generally speaking, debris does not get stuck in there. However, it does happen if you have a lot of pet hair or you fill it all the way up.

The sealed system with HEPA filtration is still free of leaks after months, which is not something you can always take for granted.

The final pro is that it seems like a really well-built. Sturdy machine lasts a long time though there are some caveats to that.


Dyson V11: What We Don’t Like

Moving on to the cons, many people have reported an issue with the brush not spinning either right when they got it or shortly after they brought it home. The issue was caused by a faulty ring on the interior of the brush roll housing on some units.

Dyson is apparently aware of this flaw though and had upgraded that particular ring then sent out free cleaner heads to all the people who have mentioned it on the reviews so that this seems to be like a good solution.

Plus, the high torque floor head on the V11 looks virtually identical to the previous model on the V10 even though the newer one just seems to be stiffer, for example, the gates are harder to open or close and the brush is really hard to remove. It did get better over time though.

The software for hard floor cleaning is still preferable though having to change out the heads when you come to a patch of carpet isn’t practical. It is also enjoyable to have the option with the V11.

Also, you have to pay the price for the bigger battery as it’s a pound heavier than the V10. While the battery is on the bottom and Dyson may be the best in the business at making the handle well-balanced.

It’s still a little heavier on the arm than expected though it’s not as noticeable with large jobs as thought at the first sight. In other words, it’s heavy but it still feels better than most regular vacuum cleaners.

Besides, the battery isn’t as easily replaceable as it is on other cordless vacuums. James Dyson has said that his batteries can last 15 years of daily use and we haven’t noticed a drop a single minute in battery expectancy in seven months but the easily replaceable batteries are still expected.

Dyson V11: Our verdict

Despite that admittedly kind of nit-picky things and the coming out of some really cool cordless vacuums in the last ten months, the Dyson V11 is still the King of power, deep cleaning, and battery technology, in our opinion.

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Indeed if you don’t mind the super high price, you’re probably going to really enjoy vacuuming with the Dyson V11.

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