Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8: Dust Bunnies Are Big No-No

Did you know that the V8 series has been marketed before the V7 series? Actually, the V8 is an improved V6 model. Confusing right? Soon after, Dyson created V7 as the middle ground between those two models, so it can still offer great performance but for a more reasonable price.

Anyhow that is why this Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8 comparison review is intriguing for me since it seems that V7 was not so up to the task in some important aspects as a filtration system, but I will talk about that shortly.

Dyson V7

Our Rating: 93/100


It is widely familiar that the Dyson cordless vacuums are better at cleaning rugs and carpets than their competition. Cleaning your apartment from now on is quick and easy, thanks to the Dyson V7 that features a great battery life. This model is 75% more powerful than the standard V6.

Dyson V8

Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8 - which is better?

Our Rating: 96/100


The Dyson V8 series features a more powerful motor, so it provides better performance than V7. It also comes with a HEPA filter that will purify the air you breathe. This series comes in two models, and each one features special attachments for cleaning both hardwood floors and upholstery.

DysonV7 vs. Dyson V8: Comparison Chart

Let’s take a quick look at how the V7 compares to the V8. I summarized most of the main similarities and differences to make this cross-check table more transparent.

It looks like there are more differences than similarities between Dyson’s vacuum cleaners. So let’s continue to the next section, where I will take a closer look at the performance they offer.

Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8: Main Similarities

Similarity #1– Design

Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8 - Similar design

In terms of design, both the Dyson V7 models and V8 models are cordless vacuum cleaners. They feature a trigger design, so you must hold a button to activate suction. This is a good thing since it maximizes battery life.

They are convenient to use in your house or your car since they all can be transformed from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum, and they are neither bulky nor heavy. 

Each model comes with a docking station to charge and help you store accessories.

Similarity #2 – 2 tier radial cyclone technology

All four models utilize a 2 tier radial cyclone technology. 

This means smaller cyclones are stacked across two tiers for increased suction. Since the air travels faster, the centrifugal force that is responsible for separating dirt and debris from the air stream is more powerful, so the cleaner can detect even the tiniest of particles 0.5 microns in size.

Similarity #3 – Direct drive head and tools

Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8 - similaritiesThis cleaner head is powered by the motor, and it can be used on all indoor floor types, and it is ideal for carpets. When you pull the trigger, the brush roll starts to spin, lifting dirt and debris and sucking it up.

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All models as well come with crevice and combination tools. The advantage of a crevice tool is that it allows you to reach into tight corners with ease. The combination tool comes in handy for cleaning upholstery since it replaces the brush.

Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8: Main Differences

Difference #1 – Suction power

One of the differences between the V7 and V8 is the motor.  That means V8 provides slightly better suction than V7 models.   The V8 vacuums are able to remove more dust, dirt, and pet hair, especially when used in boost mode. Also, since the motor has more power, V8 vacuums can clean deeper into carpets.

This does not mean V7 is weak. On the contrary, the difference in suction power between these two series is just 15 AW.

Difference #2 – Filtration system

The main difference between V7 and V8 is a filtration system.

The V8 series features a standard Dyson filtration system that uses a HEPA filter. It will capture allergens and other irritants, so the air that comes out from the cleaner is purified, with 99.97% of harmless particles being removed. This is why the V8 cleaners are good for people who suffer from allergy and asthma.

In the Dyson V7 series, only the Animal model comes with the same filtration system as V8. The Motorhead model utilizes Lifetime filters instead, which are less effective in removing small particles.

Also, the V8 has a fully sealed system compared to V7. This is why the dirty air from V8 is not able to escape from little gaps in the vacuum cleaner.

Difference #4 – Accessories

While all models have the same main brush, there are still some small differences in accessories that vary from model to model.  Only V8 Absolute models come with a fluffy cleaning head that allows you to gently clean hardwood floors and other hard surfaces without risk of scratching them.

The mini motorized brush roll is an excellent accessory for you if you have a pet. This handy tool lifts pet hair and removes it with ease. The V7 Motorhead is the only one who does not feature this tool.

Difference #5 – Price

The price fluctuates depending on which model you will choose to purchase. Overall, the price is still going to be less for the V7 series than the V8 series, but there is no dramatic difference. 

But in my opinion, the performance V8 vacuums justify the price better than the V7 series.

Final Outcome: Which One Is The Best Bang For The Buck?

Now we have come to the heart of the problem. Dyson V7 vs. Dyson V8, who gets more points?

If you ask me, I stand by the Dyson V8 even though it is a more expensive device.

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Thanks to the HEPA filter, it is a great choice for people that suffer from allergies and asthma. The powerful motor and excellent suction power will remove pet hair effortlessly, especially the Animal model. The battery time is good, and you can easily reach all the nooks and crannies.  

The Dyson V7 models will still offer you a great set of features for a lower price.

The performance is less satisfying considering the motor and suction power is on a lower level, but they will do just fine for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors. The Animal model is suitable for pet hair, but it is not as efficient as the V8. All in all, if you are tight with the money, V7 is your go-to device.

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