10 Best Earthquake Cabinet Locks of 2021

As I mentioned earlier, the kitchen area, it could be a total booby trap area during an earthquake because you have cabinets and everything all over the place with a lot of small, heavy items that had such as plates, glasses, canned food, and those things go flying open in an earthquake. So I wanted to make sure that anything above chest level in the kitchen was properly secured. Then you may need the right earthquake cabinet locks (or latches).

So that means cabinets or things on top of the cabinets, not necessarily things such as your silverware drawer, which is more a waist level. I’m not as concerned with that coming, flying at me as I am with items that could come towards your face. So the main thing that I wanted to do was secure the cabinets. So after doing a lot of research and a lot of testing, I finally settled on these particular cabinet door safety latches that are for earthquakes. You are looking at earthquake cabinet straps, right?

These are called Sizewell latch. I used to get them from safety proof and what these are. They’re kind of their cabinet latches. That kind of act the same way as, uh, for babies or for infants when you left those. Although the problem with those is that you have to activate them each time to get into your cabinets. I didn’t want that. I wanted to quakehold secure latch to be used for everyday purposes. So these will only be activated using lateral movements, such as an earthquake, and they won’t be activated any other way. Even if you bang on the door, they’re not going to automatically latch the only logic it’s going side to side. So I’ve attached those in all the cabinet doors that we have in the kitchen here. So let me show you a quick how to, on how to do this. Here’s a cabinet door that I use the size of a latch on this particular. The Safe t proof is the one I am looking for.

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One has a lot of China and nice cups and bowls and things like that. We received a lot of it up during our wedding reception. So I wanted to make sure that those were secure. So here you can see the seismic latch is they’re attached there. One for each door, each size, and the latch has a maximum weight capacity of holding 50 pounds. So that’s pretty good. That’s a lot of plates or cat food. So what happens, you basically have this little hook here and during an earthquake and lateral movement, this thing will come down and it’ll attach to this little, a connector that you have over here. So let me back up into the up position. Know it doesn’t activate like that, any kind of, that kind of movement. So basically an earthquake, he gets kind of come down like that. It’s going to attach to the door and then that door won’t come flying open. If you don’t need locks, then I suggest you go for earthquake proofing services near your home.

So any of these plates and things like that, won’t come just flying at you at earthquake. They may get jacked up and damaged in there, but at least it’s not going to come flying at you as a flying projectile or anything like that. So let me show you quickly on how you could attach these. Here are the items that are included in the seismic latch. This particular, one’s a 10 pack, it’s in the silver color. So basically you have this little connector that goes inside the cabinet. This one goes on the door. And then the main functionality is with these little pieces of metal here. So you have a little U shaped one, and then you have the actual hook. So it goes in like that. When you put it in here, you want to have the hook facing away.

So then seismolatch ultra is going to be attached to your door. So it’s going to be close by during lateral movement like that. It’s going to attach. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to secure it. Using the hammer. They have a temporary adhesive that you put in there to put it into its proper location, and then we’re going to screw it in using the screws and a drill. All right. So I have the hook assembly temporarily attached to the top of the cabinet using the sticky adhesive. And so here’s another one just to show you. So what we’re going to do now is just make sure it’s properly placed to the door. So to do that science and includes, uh, some of these little sticky you foam pieces, and it has a sticky adhesive on the ant here. So basically you’re gonna stick that up.

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And this is very simple, easy to do home improvement measure that will help protect your camera doors from flying open in the middle of an earthquake. So please feel free to leave any kind of comments below in the comments section. And I hope you guys are enjoying this article featuring earthquake preparedness.

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