3 Undeniable Facts To Tell If An Air Purifier Is Working Well?

How an air purifier is workingAs we know, an air purifier is a wonderful invention that helps to clean the air with pollutants such as cigarette smoke, factory smoke, dust mites, germ and other polluted factors. 

However, how do you know whether your air purifier is actually working? In fact, it’s hard to see and measure its performance because the well-designed particles in this machine are extremely tiny and cannot be seen with human’s eyes. Below are some tips to make sure that your household purifier is operating well.

Check your air purifier’s airflow

Air purifiers

Testing the air circulation is supposed to be the simplest way you can do yourself. Each purifier has a fan to circulate the air inside the room. The easier the fan blows, the cleaner the air is.

It’s because the air purifier adjusts the fan based on the level of pollutants. When the contaminants remain a lot in the air, the fan automatically works harder.

Air purifiers work based on the main mechanism: filter the harmful pollutants and blow out fresh air. This is also the way to measure your purifier conditions. The fan inside will not be working hard to pull in and blow out the air. We can hear no noise while the fan is blowing.

However, if the fan is working loudly and or making any irritated sound, it should be replaced right away. You will be assured if the fan does not make any sound at all. It means that your air purifier is still well operated.

Remember to check the fan of your air purifier regularly to make sure that it still works well.

Check the filters frequently

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After a certain time of working, pre-filters will be clogged up with smoke, pollens, mold and other contaminants. It’s time they need to be washed or replaced. You can carefully take the filters apart from the purifier and then clean them with wet cloth.

However, HEPA filters are said to be much complicated and fully clogged with dirt and bacteria, so don’t try to clean up them to prevent these pollutants from releasing back into the air. It’s time for them to be replaced. The ideal time might be once a year. 

A filter taken apart

Cleaning or replacing the filters requires carefulness and safeness, so it’s a good idea to call for an instructor or professor for the best check.

Using an air quality monitor to check your air purifier

An air quality monitor

So, how to test if your air purifier is working or not? First, get a baseline air quality reading with the purifier off, and then turn your purifier on. In the condition of all windows and doors closed, your purifier’s performance will be shown clearly. 

Your purifier can bring the air quality back down to healthy levels from 30 minutes to a few hours. In case your purifier is still on for an extra amount of time but you feel little or no change in air quality, then the purifier probably isn’t working well at all.

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A real-time air quality indicator

Apart from the three above-mentioned tips, we can totally apply another physical way to check how your air purifier work. For instance, the air in your house is now becoming more irritated with pet smell or toilet odor. Let’s put an air purifier near the pet cage or the toilet to check if it is working well or not. 

After two days, you feel the positive change in the air, it means that your air purifier is still functioning well. Likewise, the irritating smell stays after a long time and approves that your purifier has some problem inside.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, remember to check your air purifier frequently to make sure that it is still performing perfectly. You don’t need to test it every day but the ideal time might be once a week. Above are some easiest ways, which you can easily do at home by yourself to extend your purifier’s longevity. 

If you’re still having problems after these tips, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer for support or return. The top-rated brands with their expertise products always offer excellent warranties.

Source: https://www.iqair.com/us/air-quality-monitors/airvisual-pro

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