How To Make An Air Purifier?- A Low-Cost Hack For Your House

Make an air purifier

High-end air purifiers are getting more and more popular in our daily life. However, purchasing one might go far beyond expectations to those who lack money. Don’t worry! Why don’t you follow some easy steps below to make a DIY air purifier?

“How to make an air purifier” must be something you are definitely looking for!

Materials needed

  • A box fan
  • A HEPA filter
  • A solid string or a roll of duct tape
  • A pair of scissors or a knife (to cut the tape)
  • A screwdriver (to open the fan box, if necessary)


Buy a fan

Make an air purifier

Try to find a fan that is the same size as commonly used filters. You may try using a 20 × 20 inches box fan because it’s much popular on the market. It’s important to have a flat front or back so that you can strap the HEPA filter to it later.

Buy a filter (HEPA filter is more suggested)

Make an air purifier

Select a high-quality HEPA filter that fits over your fan. You must search carefully on the Internet or at most hardware stores to choose the best-qualified filter for your DIY air purifier so that it can function its best effectiveness at capturing particles in the air. Look for 20 × 20 inches HEPA filters, which is much common. A true HEPA filter will be functioning well at purifying the air in your house, eliminating almost every particulates such as pollens, mold, allergens and other contaminants in the air. Try to check the purchase of the filter from famous brands or prestigious websites on the Internet.

It is approved that these indexes MERV 13 and FPR 10 indicate the most effective filters used in home settings.

You can use alternative filters, such as MERV 11. The lower the filters are rated, the less effectively it works at purifying the air, but MERV 11 is acceptable and affordable.

Install the filter

Make an air purifier

Before installing the filter into the fan, remove the cover of the fan by pulling the grating off the front or the back of the fan, but putting it on the back of the fan is much easier.

Look for an arrow printed on the filter‘s frame showing you which way you need to align the filter into the fan. The arrow needs to point in the direction of the airflow.

Use a solid string or duct tape to strap the air filter

Make an air purifier

This is an easy way to keep the filter in position by using a solid string or a roll of duct tape to strap the HEPA filter onto the front of the fan. Lay tape over the filter’s frame and the fan’s frame carefully.

Place the DIY air purifier

Put your DIY air purifier in an enclosed room

Put the filter in an enclosed room and turn it on. Small DIY purifiers work most efficiently in small rooms, such as bedrooms. Remember to plug the fan in and turn your machine on to begin filtering and purifying the air. Let’s take some seconds to test it and make sure you feel the fan pulling and pushing air through the filter screen. 

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This is the last step and let’s enjoy the air purifier of your own.

You can also see a DIY Air Purifier Live Test below.


Tips and warnings

  • Similar to filters inside manufactured air purifiers, this HEPA filter will be working for a certain amount of time, so remove it when it starts turning black or being damaged while using. Ideally, replace the HEPA filter about every 3 months on average.
  • You can customize your filter design depending on your condition. Almost all filters operate the same way, but you can use different techniques or materials to make the frame providing that they have the same function.
  • Wear protective goggles, gloves, and a dust mask to take proper safety while making a DIY. Be careful with the scissors or knife.

Compare a DIY air purifier to a manufactured air purifier

Compared to a store-bought air purifier, the one that you make yourself doesn’t look different in general. However, they are not the same at the cost that you need to spend. In fact, manufactured air filters are expensive (thus manufactured air purifiers become expensive) although they are designed with the same kind of technology and have a similar operation. The homemade ones are just as effective as the store-bought, despite being much cheaper.

Therefore, if you find a manufactured air purifier affordable, don’t hesitate to purchase one. Otherwise, you can totally make it yourself at home, following the simple steps above to enjoy clean and fresh air in your house.


By following these simple steps, you have now made yourself a cheap and easy-to-use air purifier. Remember that the HEPA filter should be checked regularly and replaced every 3 months or more often, depending on usage and indoor air quality. The true HEPA filter will help you to make an effective air purifier and fight air particles. Small pollutants and toxic smoke will not affect your breath anymore. It is sure that you will experience the most relaxing moment in your house, just a short time after having a DIY air purifier.


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