How To Purify Air Without Air Purifiers?- 10 Ideas Instantly Boost Your Living Space

Today, we may not know the air inside our homes is much more polluted than the air outside. This fact is raising the question: How to purify the air without air purifiers?

Coronavirus has become the hottest debated issue among residents all over the world. This worldwide pandemic has increasingly raised human’s awareness of clean air and respiratory health. Let’s try some effective ways below to have a cleaner atmosphere. 

Purify air by Actions

Clean your home regularly

purify air

It is the easiest way that we can do to make the house cleaner and the air fresher every day. Sanitizing surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house will help protect you from these potentially dangerous bacteria and also relieve you from stress as a workout at home.

Use ceiling fans

Purify air

A ceiling fan is a typical electronic device in almost every household. So, remember to use it during the wet season like summer, to circulate the air within your home. A ceiling fan is a useful way to cool down your house and helps more air to be pulled through the ventilation system for cleaning.

Improve ventilation

Along with window opening, it is a good idea to install trickle vents to recycle the indoor air. Exhaust fans are a great alternative that helps push pollutants outside. After taking a shower, remember to let all the steam out, because the high amount of moisture in the air can result in mold and bacteria development.

Ventilation should be enhanced in each room, especially the kitchen, which is supposed to be a major cause of indoor air pollution. Cooking, dishwashing and disposing of waste in the kitchen might cause a large amount of toxic smoke and contaminants. That’s why we need proper ventilation for your kitchen frequently.

Stop smoking

Cigarette smoke is among the most harmful contaminants that directly impacts our respiration. Stop smoking right now if you wish to live in a safe and clean atmosphere. 

Keep your pets groomed regularly

Purify air

Pet dander or your pets’ skin cells, can be found almost everywhere when you have a pet in your house. They can contribute to some negative symptoms such as asthma-like symptoms or do harm to asthma patients. If you have a pet, be sure to keep dander to a minimum level by cleaning them regularly, brushing them outdoors and don’t forget to vacuum the floors and furniture more often.

Purify air by Natural factors

Indoor Plants

Some common houseplants

Generally, plants are huge natural sources that give us a sufficient amount of oxygen and help to clean the air. Houseplants play a significant role in filtering the air naturally. Place some herbs or houseplants in different areas of the house to get the maximum benefit of air quality purification. Some popular houseplants that purify the air best include weeping figs and snake plants that you can place in your living room or working room.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles

We should change our habit to consider using a beeswax candle instead of paraffin candles that release contaminants while burning. Beeswax candles can ionize the air and eliminate toxic contaminants. They not only improve the air quality in our houses but also burn slowly, so don’t need to be replaced often. 

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It’s best when you have a candle that reduces pollution. You can opt to light a few beeswax candles every day, as they are excellent for air purification.

Essential Oils

Essential OilsEssential oils like rosemary, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, grapefruit, lemon, clove, and tea tree can kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. The mixture of essential oils helps to keep the room free of germs and purifies the air. You can even add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and put the bowl in some rooms in your house. For a ready made solution, you can use natural air fresheners made from essential oils.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

Also called active carbon, activated charcoal is odorless and has high absorptive properties. It works by eliminating toxins from the air. Bamboo charcoal is said to help purify air effectively.

Carbon air filters can be easily found in stores or online websites. Using activated charcoal in your house appears to be one of the greatest ways to clean the air.

Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps have been increasingly popular in many households nowadays. In fact, all salt crystal products reduce airborne irritants, allergens, and pathogens by pulling water vapor out of the air.

Himalayan Pink Salt lamps act like a nightlight that is small enough to place anywhere for maximum air filtering benefits. Installing a Himalayan Pink salt lamp in your room or putting one on your office desk not only beautifies your interiors but also glows naturally without disrupting our sleep. It functions both well when turned on and off, due to the salt crystals inside.

Wrapping up

Respiratory health and the environment have never been an out-of-date issue today. That’s why people are making every effort to purify the air within their homes. Try to apply these simple and natural ways to purify your home regularly and the results will not make you disappointed.


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