5 Best Tips on How To Use An Air Purifier?

Indoor air quality has a major impact on your health, especially in an increasingly polluted environment now.

So, installing an air purifier is one of the effective ways to improve indoor air quality. Let’s check out some tips below to answer the question of how to use an air purifier.

How To Use An Air Purifier?

Choose the best location

Choose a dry, cool and clear space to put the machine
Choose a dry, cool and clear space to put the machine

Similar to houseplants, air purifiers need breathing space, so be sure they have a dry, cool and clear space to function well. There must be nothing around the top and all four sides for unobstructed air circulation.

Also, purifiers come in a wide variety of sizes –make sure to use the right size purifier for the room where you want to put it. Use an air purifier in places where you sleep, work, or spend the most of time, for better results.

Point the airflow in the right direction

Point the airflow in the right direction
Point the airflow in the right direction

Close the doors and windows

Keep the doors and windows closed
Keep the doors and windows closed

Like air conditioners, air purifiers can’t function well with the doors and windows open. When using the air purifier at home, make sure that you close all the doors and windows. Air purifiers work at the most efficiency in confined spaces such as a closed room.

Ideally, you can open the doors and windows for ventilation when your air purifier is not working. Yet, make sure that you close all of them when turning the air purifier on. And try to prevent your windows or doors from leaky spots will stop your purified air from escaping.

Change the filters regularly

Clean or change the filters regularly
Clean or change the filters regularly

Cleaning and replacing air purifier filters help the machine to operate properly and enhance its longevity, which is the key to peaceful breathing. Don’t allow them to become fully clogged with contaminants.

Don’t turn the machine off

Don’t turn the air purifier off
Don’t turn the air purifier off


In order to achieve maximum results from your air purifier, it is important to know how to save electricity and how long to use the machine.

How should you run your air purifier to save electricity?

Some people are often worried about the purifiers’ conserving electricity. Actually, to purify air day by day and function well for many hours not only wears out the machine, but also expends an enormous amount of electricity.

Let’s consider operating it during times when you are inside the home. If you are not using the machine to purify the air at a certain time, just keep the windows open for proper ventilation of smoke or other particles in the air, especially on nice days.

Running the purifier for a few minutes before going to sleep and keeping it on overnight can improve your quality of sleep, but you may shut the machine down in the morning before your departure. You can also turn the purifier fan down to a lower setting during the night to reduce noise and conserve energy.

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Additionally, regular dusting and vacuuming the filters and the machine as well may help to reduce the amount of time you have to run your purifier, thus reduce a certain amount of your electricity bill.

Last but not least, remember to consider adjusting the use of your air purifier according to the time of year. Summer is the time when pollen counts and other pollutants are probably highest, so running the machine for a longer time than the other seasons.

How long can a purifier operate before changing the filter?

Normally, most quality air filters can operate for days and for several months without a replacement filter. Some types of filters can last up to two years without the replacement. Don’t forget to spend time cleaning the filters in your purifier, ideally, every few weeks. This will significantly extend the lifespan of the filters. In case the filter has been exhausted or damaged, change it as soon as possible to maintain your purifier’s efficiency.


Knowing how to use your air purifier properly will give you the best experience ever and help to get the maximum benefits from the machine. With the best air purifier, your home will be more comfortable and refreshing than ever before. Remember to clean the filters regularly and change them if necessary. Choosing the right air purifier for your home and operating it smoothly will ensure your home’s cleanest and purest air. Be kind to your breath, your health and your family!

Source: https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/introduction-indoor-air-quality


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