LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate Review Cordless Stick Vacuum

The first thing to know about the LG CordZero is that it was intended to compete in the premium cordless vacuum space along with products like the Dyson V10, Dyson V11 and the Tineco 12.

It has all the expected things of a vacuum in this price range, including a lot of attachments like the two main cleaner heads, one made for carpets and hard floors and the other, the soft roller, which is really just for hard floors, but the package also includes the so-called power punch nozzle, which is a handheld tool with a vibrating interior instead of a spinning brush.

The idea being that agitates surfaces without getting hair tangles, which is a pretty unique idea.

LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate, Cordless Stick Vacuum
LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate, Cordless Stick Vacuum


Able to stand and charge without drilling

One thing that makes the LG CordZero stand out is that it comes with a very sturdy charging stand with a heavy base that can be used in a variety of different configurations. We can also use it to store some of the tools like the combo and crevice tools.


Two removable batteries are not only favored on cordless vacuums but also thanks to them, effectively double the battery life. There is a slightly cheaper version of the CordZero available. It’s called the LG CordZero charge, which is the same thing besides the color, except that it doesn’t come with the soft roller or the power punch nozzle. It was fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces.


Its handle was a full pound lighter than the Dyson V11 and it really was noticeable. This product can also satisfy someone who is pretty hard on these cordless vacuums with all their weight on the handle, but this one was pretty good in terms of ergonomics and ease of use, beside two different batteries.

LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate, Cordless Stick Vacuum
LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate, Cordless Stick Vacuum

LG Power Drive Mop

Low power

It can be seen that with the cleaner head attached on low power, the LG could get about 37 minutes per battery, so that’s 74 minutes total on low power, which is more than the Dyson V11.

It could get 26 CFM of air flow at the wand on low power with its suction coming in at about 74 inches, so not quite as much power as the Dyson’s but certainly more than most cordless vacuums.

High power

The LG also got about 12 minutes and 45 seconds on high power with the cleaner head attached, which is about 25 minutes total, which again is quite a bit more than the Dyson V11. 

We measured its suction as well as its airflow in various places and on both low and high power and found that it could get 45 CFM of air flow at the wand on high power.

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The power on the LG was pretty good too. Although there was a difference between using its high power mode and its low power mode.

A toggle switch is conveniently placed on the handle. There wasn’t that big of a difference in terms of performance and it was recommended to use the low power in most situations except perhaps for deep cleaning carpets. 

Multi-Surface Power Drive Nozzle

Another pro is that it had a lot of useful accessories like the Power Punch Nozzle which really did seem to work well. Vacuuming up 14 inch hair with no tangles, which is a pretty rare thing for these handheld attachments. It does well on both hardwood floors and carpet.


This soft roller attachment which is made for hard floor cleaning was excellent. There’s just no better way to vacuum hard floors than with a soft roller. They pick up everything from fine dust to extra large debris very easily. 


The only downside is that they aren’t good for carpets at all, so we will have to change out the floor head to the other roller if we have a mixture of hard floors and carpets in our home.

Regarding the other roller, which is a combo floor head since it can do both hard floors and carpets, it was good with all types and sizes of debris on carpets. It was even able to pick up extra large debris which was surprising. It was also really good with deep cleaning carpets, scoring a 98% on our carpet deep clean test, which is extremely good for a cordless vacuum. It was pretty quiet, much quieter than the Dyson’s, which can be pretty noisy, especially on their high power setting. 

It did decently with a crevice pickup test on low and high power with both foreheads, but it was noticeably better with a soft roller, which again is designed for hard floors. Both of its rollers were particularly good at resisting hair tangles. We saw no tangles at one gram of seven inch hair on either and only about 20% of the hair was tangled with a gram of 14 inch hair, which is certainly better than average.


The final pro was that its filtration was excellent. It was a sealed system with HEPA filtration so it was able to pass the filtration tests easily and all of the components of the filtration system are washable as well. 



Moving on to the negative stuff, the first thing is the price. The LG CordZero 89 is one of the most expensive cordless vacuums out there. It does have a ton of hardware that’s included, but it’s still a pretty high ticket item even for its category of premium cordless vacuums. 

Larger debris troubles

The combo floor nozzle could pick up larger debris on carpets because carpets have a bit more give on hard floors. It struggled with larger debris. Though It does have the soft roller for hard floors it would be a good option if the combo tool was more versatile.

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One negative thing was that Dyson cordless vacuums and that larger debris easily clogged the air intake. It might raise some concern about a few large particles at a time while the adjustable wand seemed a little bit pointless unless we were really, really short as even fully extended. It was slightly shorter than the Dyson V11. The bin release button wasn’t terrible but it should be designed better. 

In summary

The bottom line is that the LG CourtZero A9 is a good addition to the premium cordless vacuum category. This product is praised for its sealed HEPA system, its power, all the useful attachments and the hardware, including possibly the best stand in the industry and one of the best overall battery life numbers for a cordless vacuum.

Moreover, because of the dual removable battery system, LG CourtZero A9 would be preferred for better large debris performance overall, and if one or more of its unique features meets your demand, the price does not matter much.

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