10 Best Netflix Projectors of 2021

Today we are here to check this out, which is in fact a mini portable LED projector, which can be considered to be the best Netfix projector.

Now this projector right here is probably what you call a more of a budget range projector and I’m quite curious about reviews to see just how good it actually is.

So that is exactly what we’re going to find out today.

We’re going to start off with the usual quick unboxing, and then we are gon na test.

It kicking off with the packaging then well, as you can see, it is a nice cardboard box with their rather bright and colorful design and, of course, a picture of the LED projector on the front and then on the side.

Here we are greeted with a list of specifications, so, for example, we’ve got contrast here of 800 to 1.

Can you watch Netflix on a projector?

Then we have a native resolution of 320 by 240 and it’s supports a resolution of 1920 by 1080.

So basically, what that means is that, yes, you can plug in your HDMI cable or you can watch your film, that is in hd-quality format.

However, the actual projection image itself will only be in a 320 by 240 format.

The light itself is obviously LED, and it has a lifetime of approximately 30,000 hours.

So that’s pretty cool. So how about netflix projector ceiling? What projectors work with Netflix?

To be honest, you now the projection distances between Noor point 8 and 2 meters and then the size.

The actual side of the screen that this projection can provide is anywhere between 24 and up to 60 inches. Why will Netflix not play on my projector?

So that’s that’s nice and big opening this off and we are greeted with a lot of protection and styrofoam, which is obviously all good, because you don’t want your projector to be damaged balanced in transit.

Well, that is a box with netflix on projector mac, nothing else in there. How do I get Netflix on my mini projector?

So we don’t need that, and if we remove this, we are then of course creases would be projector and its contents, and you know, are it’s nicely packed, I must admit, and it is very secure as well.

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So to begin with, what is this we have? How can we need to play netflix on projector from iphone?

Oh, it’s an old, remote control and, oh you know what that’s actually quite nice.

I mean you’ve got the basic controls on there. How can I play Netflix from my phone to my projector?

It feels nice and stylish, just like artlii projector netflix.

I don’t there’s any batteries in there, but let’s just see what it requires right, then.

So two triple A batteries.

We have a a bi cable. Can I watch Amazon Prime on a projector?

I think that is which isn’t the longest, but you know at least they’ve actually enclosed it in the package.

So it’s all good.

That is some extra brownie points there.

This is the power adapter brought to me.

This is not gon na fit in one of our UK plugs for ice teas.

You see there what they’ve done they’ve included a UK adapter so put on them because of rice.

I’D be a bit stuck there, but let’s just see how long this actual power cable is because you know how I feel when it comes to the length of cables, nice long, nobodies, it’s nice and long.

What’S that, probably about what 1/2 meters?

Maybe if you want to be metric but yeah, I’m happy with that length, because no matter where you plug in your projector, whether it be attached to the ceiling, maybe or on a wall or on a tripod, there’s a nice length there.

That will give you plenty of mobility, no matter where you want to plug it in and last but not least, we have the actual project there itself, let’s just remove that there put it in there and focus to one side and there it is, and you know What straight away that looks very smart, it really does it’s extremely compact and it actually feels a lot more expensive than it should be because it just has this bit of extra elegance in its design or elegance.

Should I say, because it really does look very nice.

So you’ve got a nice big lens there and I don’t know if that is glass or plastic.

It doesn’t actually stipulate I’m afraid, but look at this just look at how many outputs and inputs this Oh Jack, the house I mean, for starters: we’ve got a USB important.

We’Ve got an HDMI inputs.

Then, of course, we have the power in force and little on/off switch as well, but then, on the back, we have a micro, USB inputs, a micro SD card imports and then we’re going to audio video outputs and, of course, the standard 3.5 millimeter Jack headphone input.

As well so clearly, you can see they’ve tried to think of everything that you might want to use to project it for and whatever you do, plan to use it, for there should be no problems there whatsoever.

But, of course, how good is the actual projection, which is the main thing you will want to know?

Well, I’m gon na set this all up.

Now, I’m going to put an SD card in it, I’m going to attach my PlayStation to it.

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Let’S just see how good it actually is.

Okay, then, so here we are set up in my son’s bedroom and, as you can see, I have the mini LED projector mounted on the tripod, approximately one to one and a half, maybe just under two meters, away from the back wall.

Why don’t you turn on the projector?

You are presented with a menu screen and I’ve got to admit.

I am surprised with how bright and colourful it actually is.

Now, of course, if you look closer, you will see that it is slightly distorted, but don’t forget.

This is a 60 inch display and you wouldn’t be sitting that close anyway.

So at normal distance, the picture quality actually looks quite good as best budget projector for netflix.

Taking a quick look at the menu options, you will see along the top that we have movie, we’ve got music, we’ve got photo and text, so obviously you would choose the appropriate mode depending on what you’re trying to show your audience.

You also get the ease of use and for selecting your inputs.

As you can see there, you have HDMI, you’ve, got AV, etc, etc.

But let’s just say you are not entirely happy with the picture or sound policy, then you can manually adjust them in the additional menu, as well as having the options of adding a clock on the display or even updating the firmware of the projector too.

But now, let’s just check how good a film actually looks once it is projected now.

This film is in 1920 by 1080 P format, but obviously the projector will show it in its three twenty-five to forty four months: [, Music ].

So, as you can see, this is some footage from the film Back to the Future 2 and, to be honest, although it is slightly dark in some areas, the picture quality alone is fairly reasonable.

Once again, it’s on a 60 inch display and looking closer you would see that it is not in HD or at normal seating distance.

It really is quite satisfactory.

Let’S try a photograph, then so I’ve downloaded a haich-d photograph and placed it onto my memory card and I’m just gon na pause.

It here to stop the automatic slideshow option, but there we go.

The picture itself is very nice and bright, and the color itself is very clear too again upon closer inspection, you can see that it isn’t in sharp focus, but for just displaying maybe a few holiday, snaps or Pony slides.

It actually works quite well.

So, let’s just say you were going to use this projector in a presentation, so I put some writing there and it says mini projector in various size fonts.

Now, obviously, you can see the top text there and just about make up the second line for as the faired 4th and 5th line.

Unfortunately, they are pretty much only recognizable, so just bear in mind that if you didn’t want to use this to show some kind of text or writing, it would have to be in quite a large font for your audience to be able to read it.

But how does this do on gameplay footage?

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Well, in some ways it works and in some ways it doesn’t now.

I’Ve linked up the mini, LED projector to my Playstation 3, and this is a loading screen with some writing on and on.for.

So you can’t really make out what it saves now, as for gameplay itself, to be honest, it is pretty ok, yes, once again, it is a lot darker in some areas than I would like, but you can still easily play the game, and that is what is Most important, I think, maybe if you were doing a more of a multiplayer option here with possibly up to 4 players or even just playing something that didn’t require any reading.

Then I think you should be quite happy with the pics quality, because you get a large 60-inch display, basically without the need to buy and set off a huge television in your room.

And finally, I would just like to show you this projector in action during normal daylight hours now, obviously, all projectors worth better in a darkened room, but there it is projecting a film onto the wall, even though it is broad daylight and you can still make out That this is the classic movie Titanic, but obviously for a true and more enjoyable experience.

I would definitely recommend using this with even the curtains closed or even a black up blind if possible.

So there we go.

That was just a quick overview and, of course, demonstration of this mini micro projector in action, and you know what in some ways it works well and in some ways it doesn’t work.

Well now I know you’re all thinking the picture quality.

Just isn’t that good and yes, in some ways I do have to agree because it isn’t exactly high-definition.

However, it is defenseless when I set this up in my kid’s bedroom now he is only five, but he had a few friends around.

Okay, I put on a favorite film of his choice and there it was projected onto a 60 inch display and they were all absolutely made up and they just sat there watching it not bothered that it wasn’t in HD.

So I honestly think that is what this projector is for.

So, let’s just say, you’ve got kids playroom anybody, it’s party or even just in the kids bedroom.

You can set this up knowing that, if something happens to me or if it gets broken, it can be easily replaced because it’s so affordable but, most importantly, they won’t be bothered about.

The clarity of the picture does be made up to have this huge projection of their favorite film on the wall of their choice.

Now, of course, before I go, if you’ve got any questions or comments, you’d like to ask me about the mini LED projector, then you know what to do put them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you answer as quickly as possible and of Course not forgetting if you enjoyed this video and you like tech, then please show your appreciation by giving this video a fantastic thumbs up and never gets hit me up on that classic subscribe button, but until next time.

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