Best Pork Rinds To Make Yourself A Healthy Snack Lover!


Many people assume that pork crisps fried or pork rinds are more unhealthy than other snacks like chocolate bars, potato chips, or even dried fruit!

But is that true?

Absolutely not! They are all marketing ploys that make consumers think that any fried or high-fat snack is unhealthy and causes obesity.

In fact, fried pork is healthier than a lot of other carb-heavy snacks in your neighborhood’s market!

Pork rinds are fried, roasted, or baked pork skin, which then are seasoned and packed to be our snacks. If you do not know, then the best pork rinds are high in fat and protein and contain zero carbohydrates, which make them a welcomed keto diet for everyone!

Best Pork Rinds

Go out looking for the best fried pork rinds for Keto diets and start with a family size pack of full-flavor keto-friendly pork rinds!

#1 Epic Artisanal Oven Baked Pork Rinds – Best All-Flavor Keto Snack

The Epic Artisanal pork rinds we received is a five-count box 2.5 oz bags of mixed flavors. That is why these keto snacks are best for your family on any chill day or game night!

In this pack, we have one Epic chili lime, a BBQ flavor, a maple bacon seasoning, a pink Himalayan plus sea salt, and the final sea salt & pepper flavor!

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Most low carb snacks on the market are salty or spicy seasoned, but this Epic pork rinds have more than that. There must be a reason for it to stay as one of the top products in such a long time!

This Epic Artisanal has a pretty low level of fat to compare with other’s pork rind keto-friendly snacks. That is great because keto’s goal is to burn fat, not to consume tons of fat! It’s like you’ve found the perfect snack for your waist!

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But since its flavor is unique, some bags that are slackly packed might seem pretty bland or savorless.


    • Come in many flavors


  • High protein snacks with lower fat


  • Healthy low carb diet


  • Somewhat bland and savorless

Perfect for a family get-together or friend’s chilling night! If you choose the variety all-flavor option, you will have five differently seasoned pork rinds to choose from!

#2 Utz Keto-Friendly Original Flavor Pork Rinds – Best Crunchy Gourmet Pork Rinds

So, how can you avoid slackly sealed bags of crispy snacks?

Well, look at this Utz pork rinds original flavor pork rinds:

First, they are shipped in a large barrel, which is securely sealed to help those delicious crispy cuts stay fresh all the time. Second, they are made light and airy, which makes a perfect crunchy snack that consumers love!

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These convenient-to-pack keto snacks are high in protein and have just the right amount of salt for any gourmet. Since you can close the chips barrel anytime after eating, the snacks inside can remain crunchy as ever!

But somehow, we found pig hair on one of our pork rinds! It does not affect the quality or freshness of the product, but we still think that it looks quite unsavory.


    • Large, super large barrel of pork rinds
    • Light, airy, and crispy cuts


  • Pork rinds Keto consumer-friendly snack


  • Great substitute for bread crumbs


  • Pig hair?!

Highly recommended good-quality pork clouds pork rinds for the gourmets who can’t stand non-fresh snacks! This Utz comes with a small eight-ounce pack and another 18-ounce pack for you to pick!

#3 Lowrey’s Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds – Best Pork Rinds for Chili Lover

From what we know, classic chili spicy flavor is the best-seller of a lot of chicharrones brands?

Is that fact surprising?

We think that it’s not strange or unbelievable at all! People seem to enjoy the thrill of the pain and biting feel inside your mouth when eating spicy food.

Lowrey knows that, and they have made this bacon curls microwave pork rinds chicharrones for their customers. These bags are so extraordinarily hot and spicy that it’s written on the packaging “hot & spicy” plus a bright red chili!

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Moreover, these are microwaveable pork rinds that are super convenient for those who prefer even hotter bites!

But you should remember to get your microwave timing right when warming the snack! Those rinds can become such a jew-breaker once you already remove the crispy part out of it.


  • Super hot and spicy for chili lover
  • Good field trip pork rinds
  • A high protein and friendly snack with zero carbs per serving


  • Can get really chewy without proper microwaving
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The Lowrey’s bacon curls microwave pork is perfect for chili lovers! They are also good field trip crispy cuts options thanks to their small packaging.

#4 PigOut Pigless Protein-Packed Pork Rinds – Best Plant-Based Baked Pork Rinds

According to the manufacturer, these pigless pig rinds are proudly pure fried with rice, sunflower oil, salt vinegar, etc., in their ingredients.

Let’s take a look at the nutrition fact:

First, PigOut’s products are made from natural ingredients like cane sugar, sea salt, tomato powder, to paprika extract. They are also GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and trans-fat-free. Sounds super healthy, right?

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Despite the fact that they’re all made from plants, these PigOut rinds have impressive grams of protein per ounce compared to other snacks! For example, one ounce of PigOut has seven-gram protein. It’s more than one ounce of Cheetos’s snack!

However, it might taste a bit different from a real bacon snack. Yet this pigless pork rinds, certified keto, humanely raised, family size bag is a good choice for the veggies and people who want to try plant-based bacon!


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Great for the veggies
  • Four flavors to choose from
  • High in protein


  • Taste differently from real bacon

Our vegan friends love this snack, and we think so do your friends. Besides, their price is not too high, so you can always try one out!

The Bottom Line

The pork king that we choose for the snack crown is five packs of all flavors from Epic Artisanal!

Epic always has the best pork rinds on the market even when they’re trying out new flavors! Their product’s quality is excellent too, and we have no complaints about those crispy snacks. You’d better try them right now!

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