10 Best Portable UV Sterilizers of 2021

Hi everyone I’m excited to bring you this item, which is a portable UV sterilizer, that it takes four triple-a batteries in here. I love Munchkin model, but got no luck that time.

This one took a little bit longer to get to me about seven working days and the quality is really good, no problem in there and it came with this fantastic, cable, thick, cable, very unlikely of Chinese – to Include a very good cable in there and this is 24 aw gee.

So it’s really good and it’s one meter and it came in this uv sterilizer box.

Everything was this item was in here.

So I put it aside and we call for the specification of this – and I hold this here for you to pause and read if you like, and the model number is UV 500 and it also works with DC 5 volts.

And as I mentioned, it takes 4 triple-a batteries and his power is maximum of 2 watts.

And then the UV wavelength is 2 for 254 and M. And the specification is to have an half a centimeter like so twelve and half a centimeters in length and then 35 millimeters in width 28 millimeters in height, and how and I have to mention that UV light sterilizer is not a toy is dangerous.

You should not directly look at it and it’s going to damage your sight, so use this with caution and exactly for that reason.

It has some sort of safety feature that as soon as you turn it up, the light is going off.

It has a component in there with the metallic ball in there as soon as you turn it up, it switches the light off, but not the unit, so it also works with a power bank or micro, USB cable that you can use any mobile chargers to use This but be aware of this that the micro, USB negative and positive is directly connected to negative and positive of the batteries, just like uvclean portable instant uv sterilizing wand.

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That is grey plastic and the images is some sort of chrome effect, and this button also is Chrome and that’s the only difference between this item and the item listed there, but in general, is very good quality, solid, portable.

You can put this in your bag and I normally use this for the sanitization or a sterilization of my surgical facemask, that I’m using that I featured in one of my videos and you can sanitize or sterilize your mobile phone and remote control, whatever you think that It needs a sterilization anyhow, I showed you the seller now, let’s turn this on by pressing this for three seconds.

It’S just cons on and this light is coming on, and this is the light and as soon as you turn it upwards, that mechanism is shutting down their light bulb and as soon as you turning it back, it’s just turns itself back on and the way to Use this, it says to hold it within three to five centimeters of your item and move it along up and down for about 30 seconds.

And then your item is sterilized and then, when you shortly press this, the item turns itself off and let me just show you the inside of this, because this light bulb cannot be run with five volt micro, USB or six words of Triple A four triple-a batteries And I think it has a step-up converter in there – that’s why that there are some sort of you know, components in there and as soon as you open this you face with this at the bottom here and I do not advise you to use microUSB while the Batteries are installed because, as you see here, the positive and negative directly is going to positive and negative of the batteries, so take the batteries off and use this cable micro, USB, cable and mobile phone chargers to use this and the this part of it.

This is the battery compartment and this port you face with this.

That’S why I’m saying it has a step-up converter.

I love you maximize this a little bit for you and, as you see, is nothing on this side, just simple items and this black one is the one that it has.

It houses a metallic ball that when you turn it upside down, you can even hear it.

Let me just go quiet for one that ball moves and turns the light off, and at the back of this, is this that, if you just maximize it a little bit, is this – and I love someone like a big Clive, to have a look at this and Reverse-Engineered is and show us a schematic of this to tell us what is happening here, but I think that all of this is a step of converter to convert the battery to that anyhow, let me just explain that I’m using this only to sanitize or sterilize, my Phone, my remote control, my surgical mask – and this is strictly not a toy – is a dangerous unit and you should not play with this and look at this and let it to contact the light with your skin.

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Just to cover myself.

I’M just saying that you know this is not a toy, be careful while you are using this anyhow.

I think this item is recommendable because of the quality and usefulness of this, and I have to say, the changing of the light bulb is going to be difficult because I have opened this and it’s really difficult to get it out of this hinge to change the Light also be careful dropping this and so on.

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