10 Best Rearview Mirror Android of 2021

Since my DVR no longer suits my needs, I’m going to look for the best Rearview Mirror Android of 2021. Today I show you my new car, a video dashboard recorded this DVR is the end start and inches dash, cam rear view.

Camera 4G version running android 9, starting with a package delivery.

This is one of the first times that i’ve seen a product shipped in such a protective way, considering that it came from china, the wall package is high quality, so the first impressions are really good opening the box.

The first thing we have is the DVR which we will put to the side.

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While we look at the accessories, which are the car charger, a night vision, rear camera with a 6 meter, cable, two rubber, straps and gps antenna, because i want to have it working all the time – i also order an extra obd2 buck line.

This allows the DVR to stay on.

Even when the car is off just be aware, it will bring your battery, so don’t go on holidays without disconnecting it.

A quick look at the manual reveals well written and honestly more detailed instructions than what i was originally expecting.

Let’S finally grab the shiny DVR, it looks fancy and it is a bit bigger than most cars rear view mirrors.

So it will also give you a wider field of view of the rear passenger area in terms of construction.

Most of the body is either plastic or tin, aluminum.

2020 Car Mirror Dash Cam 4G, Android 8.1, 12" WiFi, GPS, Dual Lens, ADAS, Full Touch Screen DVR

You can adjust the angle of the front view camera but unfortunately doesn’t slide out like some of the alternative models on the bottom of the device.

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There is just the power button and on the top, you have a mini USB power connection, the headphone alike, jack connection for the rear view, camera the GPS connection and SD card and SIM card slot.

Regarding the SD card, even though this device has 16 gigabytes of internal memory, a memory card is required for the software included in the device to be able to record video.

I will be using a 64 Giga class 10 SD cards after connecting the power to the DVR.

We are given a very simple interface.

10" HD GPS Android DVR Rear View Mirror System Recorder Dash Cam

This is running android 5.1, so you can replace the launcher and install some useful apps.

If you want to because i’m currently living in germany, they were kind enough to preset it to German, but because it’s not my main language, I’m going to reset it to English.

If you’re worried about it, not supporting your language, don’t be, as it supports all the originally supported Android 5 languages.

I will also be connecting it to my Wi-Fi just to quickly check if there are any pending updates.

In my case, the firmware was already the newest one, but some apps needed to update the DVR comes preloaded with very few apps, which are the standard Android internet browser DVR, which allows you to see the real-time footage of the cameras as it records car player, which Allows you to see the previously recorded footage file manager FM station, which allows you to stream the audio from the device into your car on whatever frequency you want, k/m player, which is basically a video player and sygic, which is a pretty nice GPS navigation app.

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I found the device relatively responsive, don’t forget, this is a very limited piece of hardware running Android, so the more resources an app needs, the slower the device will be.

This is running a MT 6, 7, 3, 5 quad-core 1.3.

He Girt processor and has one gigabyte of ram this time I decided not to record the wall installation process.

If you have any doubts.

You may refer to my previous DVR video, where I go into a bit more detail regarding installation.

The one installation process is pretty simple: put the new DVR, where your car, where your view mirror, is and use the rubber straps to pin.

It then connect the power gps and rear view.

Camera cables insert your SD card and you are done.

You can also use a SIM card, but it is optional and you only really need it if you want to be notified, if there was a collision or a nearby movement when the car is parked or if you want, for example, to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from Your mobile network for you and other passengers installing these on my 2011 Honda, Civic, was kind of a pain and, like the last one not only took a lot of time to install the rear view, cables because was thicker than old cables.

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I also had to completely rotate my mirror for it to fit correctly regarding a power cable, it comes with a cable that it can connect to your cigarette lighter or if you bought a buck line, then you will be connecting it to the ODB connector from your Car instead, the resolutions of the camera are as follows.

The Coolest Rear View Mirror Dashcam - Review

The front camera resolution is full HD and has a 170 degree wide angle.

The rear camera is 140 degrees and 720p, but more on the throat capabilities of the cameras later once everything was connected, it was finally time to start the car and, first of all, let’s remove to protect it.

It is it now my apologies in advance for the shaky footage.

I tried installing a screen recorder app on the device, but it seems that one gigabyte of RAM makes it impossible to record anything on the device itself.

So I had to improvise that didn’t like the original launcher, I spent a few are searching for a one that was compatible with his DVR.

The only one that was simple and functional was the launcher called square home.

I also installed two very simple, auxiliary apps for controlling the volume and screen brightness after everything was configured.

It was time to have a look at the native apps from these DVR.

Starting with the live camera feeds, you can toggle between the front camera rear camera or having bought in a split screen in this position.

This device also has what seems to be the new hype, a das or advanced driver assistance systems, even though it’s a simple one, it has the ability to tell you the distance between your vehicle and the ones that can be recognized by the front camera up to A certain distance to warn you when you’re changing lanes, if you’re, not within a safe distance from the forward vehicle and the most useful of all, is the forward vehicle moving warning, which is very useful.

When you’re stopped behind someone at the red light and the car in front of you starts moving, all those features can be enabled and disabled from the a das menu in the live camera feed app.

The next app is the car player.

Where you can see the recorded footage from your past trips or whatever was recorded, if you have the parking monitor, enabled, while not being a native app for the volume control, I installed a random simple volume control app from the Play Store, as there are no individual Volume controls on the DVR and I replace the original one I do the same for controlling the brightness one of the other native apps is the FM radio which, as previously explained, allows you to stream the audio from the device into your car radio, on whatever frequency You want enough with apps, if you just want to use it as fancy, mirror click the power button and the display will be mostly black, showing only the time.

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You can also adjust the brightness of the DVR by sliding left and right on this mode.

If you click the power button again, the display will go into sleep, but don’t worry as long as it has power, it will keep recording.

Oh and if you click that red button in the corner, you get a nice window showing whatever camera you want to see before we jump to the actual footage, I’m going to show you some more shaky one of how the atas looks when DVR app is opened.

The true camera specs are somewhat mixed.

The actual resolution of the front camera is Full HD and it has a 170° wide-angle at 28 FPS, while the back camera is a very disappointing.

640 480 resolution, with 140 degrees wide handle at 15 FPS for 3 minutes footage.

The front camera creates a 250 megabytes file if you’re recording with sound and the back camera 25 megabytes.

Finally, before closing up this video, you can use the car assist app, which allows you to check video footage and the current GPS location of your car, or even your recorded trips.

As long as the DVR is connected to the Internet, I’m overall pleased with this device.

If the black camera was better, it would be an even better buy for the price.

Considering all the features it has back units, I will be giving it a 7 out of 10 and despite the back camera I would still recommend it.

I would like to show you more footage, but this simple video took me about 27 hours of continuous work, recording, editing and everything else, so don’t forget to like or dislike our video and to ravage that subscribe button as it really helps our channel.

So this concludes everything for today.

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