Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985: Which One Will Prevail?

Did you know vacuuming is one of the most hated house chores in the world? Thankfully, modern technology has produced a perfect solution, robot vacuum cleaners!

In today’s Roomba 980 vs. Roomba 985, you will get to know more about each of these two little robots. Then we’ll go into listing all their similarities and differences separately.

While these two devices are pretty evenly matched, they do differ in price significantly. After reading this article, we’re sure you be able to make a choice between these two more easily.

No matter what Roomba you choose, you can rest assured they’ll make your floors spotless.

Roomba 980

Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985: Which One Will Prevail

Our Rating: 90/100


Built and patented by iRobot, the Roomba 980 autonomous vacuum will leave your floors and carpets spotless, and dirt free. To make the job as efficient as possible, it comes with a whole slew of features such as Power Lifting Suction system, high-efficiency filter traps, and advanced navigation technology.

Roomba 985

Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985: comparisonOur Rating: 93/100
Roomba 985 is another excellent robot vacuum from iRobot. The 985 is also jam-packed with features that ensure superb performance. Thanks to the Auto-Adjust cleaning head, this Roomba won’t have any trouble switching from vacuuming the hard floor to carpet.

Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985: Comparison Chart

Coming for a long line of high-quality robot vacuum cleaners, it’s tough to find any adequate competitors to the Roomba brand. Thankfully, we can always compare two products from the same line.

Before we get into the in-depth analysis, here are the main characteristics of these two robotic vacuums.

We can compare specs and features on paper until tomorrow. The only real way to determine which one is better is to put them to the test. So, let’s establish a battleground!

Roomba 980 vs. Roomba 985: Main Similarities

Similarity #1 – Size And Shape

Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985The first and most interesting similarity between Roomba 980 and Roomba is that they’re completely identical in size and weight.

Both models are almost 14 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height. This is the case with most Roomba models. The guys at iRobot have figured out the perfect size for a robot vacuum cleaner.

The diameter of these two Roobmas is just ideal. They’re not too large to be cumbersome, and no to small to be ineffective. 

The height is just right, too. They’re just the right height to fit under most types of furniture.

Similarity #2 – Same Feature set

Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985 - Ultimate ComparisonThe entire 900 line of Roomba vacuum cleaners comes with the same feature set.

This is more than excellent news since there are some fascinating features. We’ll point out just a few we found most interesting.

Both 980 and 985 feature iRobot’s Gen 3 motors. These motors are ten times more powerful than those in Roomba 600 series.

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Another cool feature is the dirt-detect technology. This technology utilizes an acoustic sensor to determine whether there’s an abnormally large amount of dirt on the floor and automatically adjusts the suction power.

And, of course, both of these vacuum cleaners can be controlled via a smartphone app.  The app allows you to set the schedule, check the battery, and control the Roomba automatically, amongst many other things.

Similarity #3 – Excellent Navigation

Roomba 980 VS Roomba 985 - Similar navigationJust like all products from iRobot, both Roomba 980 and Roomba 985 feature excellent navigation.

In fact, both Roombas utilize the same iAdapt 2.0 Navigation System. This navigation system uses 15 different sensors to help Roomba navigate through the room.

The best thing about this navigation system is that it allows both Roombas to memorize one complete story of your home from the first go. This means both Roombas won’t need any additional inputs to vacuum your entire room without missing a spot.

Roomba 980 vs. Roomba 985: Main Differences

Difference #1 – Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier

One of the standard Roomba accessories is the Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier. What this accessory does is it works like a virtual wall you can use to prevent the Roomba from entering rooms or coming close to things like pet food bowls.

Roomba 980 comes with two while Roomba 985 comes with just one Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier. So if you have more than one place where you keep your pet’s food bowls or have more than one room you’d like the Roomba to avoid, we recommend getting a 980 model.

Difference #2 – Side Brush

The side brush helps Roomba collect dust more efficiently. This side brush is essential for getting rid of the dirt that gathers up in the corners of the room and on the edges of the wall.

Unfortunately, the side brush is the one thing that breaks most often on Roombas. This is why Roomba 980 comes with one extra side brush. However, the same cannot be said for Roomba 985 that doesn’t come with an extra side brush.

Difference #3 – Price

The price is the main difference between these two Roombas. 

Roomba 980 cost just a bit shy from $450, while Roomba 985 costs almost $650. We don’t know why iRobot decided to price the 985 models so high since it comes with fewer accessories than the 980.

The only reason why the 985 model is more expensive is that it has better build quality. However, we are yet to find any differences in quality between these two.

Decision Time: Who Wins – Roomba 980 vs. Roomba 985?

In this particular case of Roomba 980 vs. Roomba 985, we had a particularly hard time proclaiming which one is a clear winner.

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It all boils down to personal preference. If you’re interested in a Roomba that comes with two dual-mode virtual wall barriers, we recommend you pick up a 980 model.

On the other hand, the 985 model comes with an extra filter. Filters are also another thing that doesn’t last long on Roombas.

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