The 10 Best Single Din Touch Screen for 2021 (Apple Compatible)

After 100 hours researching the best Single Din touch screen and Apple Carplay, we found Sony XAV-AX8000. Here is our full review of 8.95″ Single DIN with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The above lists are top 10 Single Din Apple Carplay updated at the time of publishing.

Sony created a must-have stereo with the xav ax 8000 single din receiver, or they come up just a little short either way.

The ax 8000 (updates from sony xav ax5000) deserves some serious consideration when upgrading your car, stereo you’re, probably wondering how do we get our hands on this?

Let’S just say we know a guy who knows a guy, a big thank you to Sony for hooking it up with an early model of the xav ax 8000, the single din android head unit.

This stereo was released later this winter of 2019. We’ve reviewed several of Sony’s xav ax models, including the ax 100 ax 200 and ax 5,000, to differ from its predecessors.

A few features on the ax 8000 stand out and make a truly unique upgrade.

First, obviously, is the massive eight point: nine five inch anti-glare display, which not only is vibrant and sharp, but also held up really well with a light pointed on it.

However, it’s not HD or capacitive, which are two features we would have loved to see on this stereo.

The measurements of the display are eight and fifteen sixteenths inches in width and five and a quarter inches in height.

We’Ve seen oversized displays on both single dens and doubled ins before, but this was for sure the highest-quality display of them all.

Not only was it sturdy and felt like it could, last years it has a three-way adjustment mount meaning you can customize the height depth and tilt angle of the display.

Some oversized displays feature ball, joint mounts and others limit mobility.

But this is a much more sophisticated piece of hardware that will ensure the display is to your liking and always level as soon as you start playing around with a ball joint display, it’ll never be level or straight again, the display and actual chassis comes separately, but Connect with a ribbon cable input, adjusting the ax 8000s position is simple: all you need is a screwdriver and a gentle touch just don’t lose any of those screws.

Sony gives you a few extras, just in case the various positions guarantee universal fits mints in any.

There are three tilt angle positions, three depth positions and seven height positions.

Just to give you some scale on how big the display actually is.

Look at how much larger the screen is on the ax 8000 compared to the six point, two inch double din display of the ax 1000, such a beast.

To reiterate this is a single din stereo.

It will not work and he doubled in opening unless your vehicle has a compatible Singleton metro kit for your model or with a pocket.

For example, a 2016 Toyota Corolla can accommodate either a double din or single din stereo with the proper dash kit.

Unlike previous xav ax models, the ax 8000 comes with a steering wheel, control harness to connect your factory wiring, as well as steering wheel, control, preset selection.

If the software looks familiar, that’s because it hasn’t changed much.

Some new OS features include new backup camera guidelines driving position selection for those of you in London.

You sound like you’re from London who drives on the left side of the road touchscreen calibration for more accurate responses and illumination level.

The price is a bit steep, but compared to other models like the Alpine halo 9 or even the Pioneer AVH 3300 with wireless carplay.

Next, the sony has an impressive 55 watt by 4 channel amplifier and, quite frankly, it looks the best with touch screen.

I’Ve always loved the displays of the Sony, xav ax models, they’re sleek and modern, and although some people prefer variable color button illumination, I’m totally fine with just white inside the box is a three year.

Warranty card external microphone for hands-free calling and voice recognition, wiring harness to USB extensions one long.

One short rear display covers steering wheel control, harness wireless remote control, hardware, velcro, strap and single din stereo.

The rear connections include radio antennae, 5 volt, preamp, outputs for front rear and subwoofer microphone inputs, steering wheel control inputs, wiring harness for power, ground and speaker and Sirius XM as you can tell this unit, does not have a disc slot.

So it’s time to throw away those all the Ja Rule’s, CDs, meridah meridah, the xav ax 8000 has one USB input.

It is located in the back of the display and, as you can see, the rear has wire lining Sony wants you to connect the USB cable.

Then run the cable along the wire path on the rear of the display and cover the exposed wire with the rear display covers ensuring the cable will not break loose.

Then you’ll notice this long black cover along the top of the chassis gently.

Remove it and you’ll find out that it’s actually a tunnel for the USB cable run the wire to the rear using the tunnel and place the cover back on top the pieces are a little delicate, so be careful not to break anything.

I like that Sony also gives you the option to just leave the USB dangling behind the display.

If you don’t want to run the USB behind the dash with your iPhone or Android device.

The USB connection enables apple carplay and android, auto neither work wirelessly.

I repeat: this stereo is not compatible with wireless apple, carplay or Wireless Android, auto still somebody’s gon na ask a USB connection is required.

Both software’s have been updated and they look phenomenal on the xav ax 8000 s display especially apple carplay.

These integrate your navigation apps like Google Maps, Apple maps and ways messaging, apps and answering, and sending texts calendar for appointments, plus all your music and audio apps like Spotify, Pandora, radio, apps, not to mention your super-important podcasts video apps.

Do not transfer these are two of the hottest features in modern car stereos, and we have detailed reviews on what the new versions of each software offers check.

Those out links in the bio, apple, carplay and android auto cannot be downloaded onto a stereo that isn’t already compatible voice.

Control worked great with Siri and Google assistant and enables the microphone to listen to you, use it to pull up any of your apps.

Like Google Maps for directions or Spotify for a new song, the voice command button on the display immediately brings you to either apple carplay or Android, auto, depending on what you’re, using a minut detail, sony adds to their xav ax models that I love Are the small phone status icons for signal strength and battery life from the top right corner of the display sony plans to add support for a Balto’s web link platform, which i think is pointless?

Web link is incredibly slow and you couldn’t pay me to use it unless they update it, then maybe it seems futile, especially with apple carplay and android auto in the same units, bluetooth allows hands-free calling and wireless music streaming.

The USB will not allow music playback from a smart phone outside of carplay or Android auto.

However, a USB thumb drive will playback music and video files for audio.

It is compatible with PCM, mp3, WMA, AAC and flack audio files for video.

It is compatible with mpeg-4 SP, AVC, h.264 WMV, FLV, MKV and xvid files.

However, I had trouble getting the correct video format to playback on the USB thumb drive.

I think it’s because it’s an early model without 2 published bit rates and resolutions.

You cannot upload or view JPEG images on this stereo the xav ax 8000 is sirius/xm ready with the sxv 300 v1 and steering wheel control ready with the axis ASW c1 links in the video bio below.

For those, however, it is not compatible with idling maestro RR for a visual customization.

The stereo has 5 vibrant built-in preset wallpapers to choose from and remember you can’t upload your own for high quality audio performance.

It features extra bass, a 10 band customisable EQ, with presets balance and fader high-pass and low-pass crossover with subwoofer phase DSO, dynamic stage, organizer and phone call sound speaker location.

These audio features sound great, but how does the stereo actually perform really freaking?

Well, we felt like proud parents after testing this thing.

First, we tested the frequency response using the internal amplifier and the preamps.

At the same time, we did this a little differently than usual, because there is no auxilary input on this stereo.

We generated media files at 0 DB and played them back through USB next test single channel driven at 4 ohms 40 Hertz, 14.5 6 volts.

The waveform was clean at volume 36.

Our SMD picked up 20 watts RMS 9.6 volts of outputs on the Lummi, while drunk 3.1 amps of current and 23.4 7 watts rms on our HP 8 9 zero 3 B audio analyzer with 1.4 6 % distortion going down to volume, 35 distortion dropped, 2.20 %.

In the rms dipped to 19.1 watts single channel driven at 4 ohms 1 kilohertz, 14.5 5 volts, the waveform was clean at volume 36 hour, our SMD went down to 17 watts RMS 9 point 7 volts of output on the Lummi, while drawing 3.1 to amps of Current in twenty three point: nine one watts RMS on our HP with one point: nine eight percent distortion going down to volume, 35 distortion dropped to 0.24 % in the rms dipped to 19.7 watts.

Now two channels, driven at 4 ohms 1 kilohertz, 14.5 5 volts, the waveform was cleaned.

At volume 36 our SMD went down to 16 watts RMS 9.6 6 volts of output on the Lummi, while drawing 5.23 and sub current and 23.62 watts RMS on our HP.

With 2.6 2 % distortion going down to volume, 35 distortion dropped to 0.27 % and the RMS dipped to nineteen point.

Six, seven watts two channels driven at 4, ohms 40 Hertz, 14.5, 3 volts.

The waveform was clean at volume: 36, our SMD red 18 watts RMS 9.5 1 volts of outputs on the Lummi, while drawing 5.34 aunts of currents and 22.9 4 watts RMS on our HP, with 2.5 % Distortion going down to volume, 35 distortion dropped to point to 7 percent in the RMS dipped to 19.1 watts, the preamp outputs came back reading as 5 volts.

Back to the original question I opened the video it did.

Sony create a must-have stereo almost.

Would I get this stereo hell yeah, however, Sony missed out on setting the bar by excluding these key features: wireless apple carplay and wireless Android, auto an HD display, a capacitive touchscreen and an auxiliary input.

If these were included, I guarantee they wouldn’t have been able to keep this stereo on shelves.

Despite the lack of those features, this is still one of the most highly anticipated stereos of 2019.

Another con Sony still refuses to put any kind of AV inputs on there.

Xav ax stereos.

This makes the only chance of screen marring possible through the backup camera input using our Amerian kits for iPhone and Android USB C devices links for those in the bio below it works.

Fine you’ll have to stream the audio via bluetooth, but it defeats the purpose of having a backup camera which are incredibly convenient.

However, using our Buehler AVS 210 smart RCA, video switcher you’ll be able to wire both a backup camera and our mirroring adapter to the single backup camera input of the stereo, allowing you to switch back and forth between your camera and the screen mirror with ease with Audio still working via Bluetooth link in the video bio for that video switcher.

Let us know what you think about the xav ax 8000 below and whether or not it’s on your shopping list be sure to go to quality mobile video comm to get all your car audio and video gear with us today.

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