10 Best Swim Shirts For Fat Guys of 2021

Gentlemen, if you’re ready give this article one of these in honor of summer and your soon to be sunkissed body, I want to talk about swim shirts for fat guys, because I don’t want you screwing the style pooch going and wearing something, that’s absolutely terrible or six swimsuit rules and mens swim shirt loose fit.

Every guy should follow in order to look as good as possible when wearing and donning a bathing suit.

Now, if you like any of the bathing suits, I show or any of the clothing that I’m wearing or talking about, they are from today’s video sponsor John Henry.

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They do accessories, they’re leather products, whether or not it’s their bags, their wallets or their dock.

There’S a link down below along with the landing page and that discount code go if you like any of the swimsuits.

If you like any of the pictures of the clothing, I show you guys they can all be found at John Henrik.

In my opinion, they crushing it like no other company I found is crushing it.

Gentlemen: let’s talk about the six swimsuit rules.

All men should follow, starting with the most important number one, which is no speedos ever speedo bananahammock.

Whatever you want to call it all.

You need to know is that it’s off-limits, unless you’re a fat hairy, tan, Italian dude and then rock it though seriousness speedos are not an option ever.

The second rule is big.

Baggy board shorts, big baggy, basketball, longboard shorts, are absolutely a no-go.

This season, they’re, not stylish, they’re, not sexy they make you look odd in terms of your proportions fact is that board shorts will make you look short because it makes your lower body look super small all right.

Instead, what I’d recommend is go with something that is going to allow you to expose a little bit more thought, it’s all about thigh exposure, gentlemen.

You got to make sure that you are not wearing shorts that are going to come too far down now.

What’s too far down, I would say a minimum of two inches above the knee is the longest that your shorts should be if you’re used to wearing super long baggy shorts, it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to wearing a short that is a Bit smaller, but honestly, in my opinion, you get over a super quick evening suits with shorter end.

Seams are incredible in terms of comfort, they’re, also going to allow you to get a better tan line.

The third rule is all about fit. You got to make sure that the suit is not super tight. You also have to make sure, though, that it’s not super big and baggy one of the big issues.

I see a lot of guys making is that they’re wearing swimsuits that are just gigantic all right. They’re not tailored, they’re not tapered, they’re not fitting their body for bathing suits. The fashion rule for 2021 is all about color.

Now you can never go wrong with a solid black or blue or green, or pink or red or yellow bathing suit, but this year it’s all about bold patterns. Gentlemen, there’s so many incredible amazing patterns that are out there fun playful patterns that are going to set. You, apart from everybody else, pink flamingos hell, yeah sharks, eating Donuts. Yes, please guys there are so many incredible fun.

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Playful patterns out there you got to be willing to step outside of the box, get away from boring black stripes blah blah blah.

That was last year. The year before this year, it’s all going big, bold and beautiful. So now, let’s talk about how to style a pattern bathing suit.

In my opinion, you want to go with something plain up top no pattern, sure it is from the new John Hendricks summer collection and it’s absolutely dynamite.

I also have it in white: there aren’t buttons all the way down, which kind of makes it like a modern summery Oxford, which is perfect for pairing with super fun, bold shorts, white pair of leather sneaks or you can even go flip-flops if you’re wearing solid trunks.

You can get away with being a little more daring, bang Hawaiian shirt exactly you’re like yo.

How do I wear all these Hawaiian shirts that are so popular? This is how the simple plain bathing suit white leather sneaks just make sure that Hawaiian shirt is fitted.

The sleeves rolled v, swim suit rule, is all about bringing multiple pairs depending on how many days you’re going to be at the beach.

I want you to bring a different swimsuit for each day. So if you’re going for three days bring three suits two days, two suits five days, you can probably get away with three bring multiple suits.

Is one of the Alpha M hacks to look and super smooth and stylish at the beach. There are a few reasons, number one: what if one gets like all sandy and nasty and isn’t dry, there’s nothing!

That’s gonna chafe, you worse than putting on a damp bathing suit and running to frolic, with all the señoritas right exactly you know what I’m talking about the other reason: you’re, not a savage.

You don’t wear the same shirt every single day, because you got a lot of people there that are checking you out and if you wear the same suit every single day, they’re like yo, Jimmy’s wearing the same suit, the suit he wore yesterday and the day before.

The first day he’s worn the same suit every single day, one of the beautiful things about swimsuits they’re, not crazy, nuts, expensive, so they’re not gon na break the bank.

Six swimsuit rule is actually not about your swimsuit. It’s about your body in a swimsuit.

You got to make sure that if you’re going to the beach you’re going to the pool you’re going to the lake you’re going to the waterpark that you are properly manscaped, if you got back here, get rid of it chest!

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