Tibbers Home Bidet Review: Cleanliness & Hygiene without Compromises

Having a bidet is a win-win situation: you get the full clean very quickly and easily while saving up a lot on the toilet paper. Apart from hygienic reasons, the bidet is comfortable and practical to use.

Full-size bidets take a lot of floor space and can be quite pricey. Besides, the plumbing system in the US isn’t always compatible with them.

 So, is it possible to enjoy all the benefits of a bidet, but tune it to your needs?

The answer yes, it is – with bidet attachments (otherwise known as bidet toilet seats).

However, finding the best bidet attachment for you can be a bit of a turmoil.

To aid you in this, we’ve written the Tibbers Home Bidet review, covering everything you need to know in detail. From head to toe, the Tibbers Home Bidet goes under the spotlight! 

Tibbers Home Bidet

Our Rating: 94/100


If you’re looking for a top-notch bidet with high-end features, yet easy to operate and install, the Tibbers Home Bidet attachment might be the right one to get. It is stocked with cleaning capabilities, and it sports everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Tibbers Home Bidet Specs & Features

Not only is the Tibbers Home Bidet budget-friendly, but it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Its main strength lies in its simplicity: it is controlled by an intuitive-to-use dial, located at the right side, that controls the pressure of the water that comes out of the nozzle.

Moreover, it doesn’t require electricity. The water flow is created simply by connecting the water pipe without any further complications.

It comes with all the pre-installed accessories so that you can accommodate it to your toilet in literally 10 minutes. The precise installation instructions are included in the purchase. Neat, huh?

Tibbers Home Bidet
MaterialMetal / ABS
Weight 1.64 pounds
FunctionsAdjustable water pressure, self-cleaning mode
Nozzle protective doorYes

What you get in the package is:


  • The unit itself
  • Metal plated hose
  • Metal T-adapter
  • A spare plastic T-adapter
  • User manual
  • Teflon Tape


Tibbers Home Bidet Review: An Honest & Unbiased Look Those were the main features, in broad strokes – but they mean nothing on paper. Let’s see how the Tibbers Home Bidet actually performed.

Unboxing the Tibbers Home Bidet: Design & First Impressions 

Right out of the box, we were delighted with high-quality materials that were used for the construction of this bidet attachment.

All of its pieces were made to last, and the manufacturers have indeed upped the ante on its design.

We would describe it as an all-time classic. It is universal and subtle, in the sense that it will visually fit any type of bowl and bathroom settings. Should it not fit your particular toilet model (though we believe this won’t be the case), the product is returnable, and the customer service is very responsive.

The arrangement of controls is super intuitive, and the knob is incredibly easy to use. Even the least tech-savvy amongst you will have no trouble!

As for space that you need to dedicate for the attachment, it is around 6 inches on the left side of your toilet bowl.

Putting the Tibbers Bidet to Work: Performance & Effectiveness 

The Tibbers Home Bidet does not arrive with bells and whistles, nor is it advertised as it does.Therefore, we had very realistic expectations when it comes to its performance – we wanted a completely useful, entry-level bidet for true cleanliness.

Did it meet our expectations?

Absolutely! Exceeded them, even.

The dial is turned to adjust the water pressure, and you have complete control over it, from a very light to a powerful stream. No problems there whatsoever.What we especially liked was the self-cleaning property of the nozzle so that it requires a minimal level of maintenance from your side.

Lastly, the installation process was a breeze; we definitely do not remember when was the last time something was so easy to set up. 

It doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes, and the only thing you need is a screwdriver so that you can remove the toilet seat. Step-by-step visual instructions are straightforward and clear.

Tibbers Bidet: Pros & Cons to Keep In Mind


  • Adjustable water pressure
  • No leaking
  • Outstanding quality of the materials
  • No electricity
  • Self-clean
  • Extremely easy to assemble


  • Not ambidextrous
  • Doesn’t have a lot of extra features

Decision Time: Is Tibbers Home Bidet the Best Bidet for You?

Do you want to switch to a bidet without having to make trade-offs such as dedicating a lot of space for a full-size bidet?

Do you want to give a try to a basic bidet that will impress you with its design, convenience, and functionality?

If the answer is “yes”, the Tibbers Home Bidet is genuinely what you need, as we decided to deem it the best beginner-level bidet attachment on the market.

5 Reasons to Buy Tibbers Bidet

  • Practicality goes through the roof with this one. It saves you a lot of space & energy because it doesn’t use electricity, as confirmed by numerous reviewers.
  • Simple yet effective universal design creates the feeling that it was tailored to your and your needs – no doubt there.
  • It is a perfect balance of everything – the water adjustment is just right, with constant pressure and no oscillating patters. The experts have claimed so, and we confirmed it.
  • You can forget about the manual cleaning of the bidet and the toilet – the nozzle will do that for you.
  • Even the least experienced individuals have reported that they have no trouble setting up the bidet attachment.

2 Reasons Not to Buy Tibbers Bidet

  • Few users have reported the obvious: if you want a more advanced bidet attachment, that comes with heated seat, air blow, etc., probably search elsewhere.
  • Do you happen to live in an area where the temperature of the tap water is icicle cold? The water that comes from this bidet will be, then, too.


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