VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR: Battle of the Twins

It is widely acclaimed that a bidet toilet seat is something that can make your everyday life a lot easier and practical. We second that. Today, you are going to get familiar with all the fantastic benefits that you can get by owning a bidet toilet seat at a concrete example of two excellent bidets by VOVO and their premium VB series. VOVO is a well-known name in this field, and when we dig further into the VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR comparison – heads up – you will see that they do not differ much, yet there are some distinguishing marks worth mentioning.


Our Rating: 92/100


If you want a high-quality bidet toilet seat, the VOVO VB3000SE might be the right choice for you. It offers an enormous number of functions that can be very useful, different types of wash, including a massage at five different positions, and the best part of it is its economical price!


Our Rating: 91/100


The other competitor, VOVO VB3100SR, is another great pick from this category of bidet toilet seats. It sports a warm water feature, LED night light, and luxurious design. Another great thing about it is that it can be used in different modes, and it can be yours for a reasonable price!

VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR: Comparison Chart

To gain a better insight into these two products by VOVO, here is a chart with their highlight specs and features.

As you are about to see, they promise a lot!

See – they seem pretty similar.

This was just a first glance; let’s see how they performed in our tests and how they can be compared.

Keep reading!

VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR: Main Similarities

Similarity #1 – Features

VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR ComparisonEven if we did not put these two bidet toilet seats side-by-side, right after you take a look at their layout, you immediately notice that they offer similar features.

Most of them can be accessed from a smart side control panel and executed by a simple touch.

The most pronounced features that both of these bidets have, and that we simply adored, are the warm water control, which is always nice-to-have, and warm air dryer, with a drying time of around 2 minutes.

There are also three different wash types (feminine, posterior, and Turbo wash) and five different nozzle positions for rear and front wash, as well as self-cleaning. Did anyone say “versatility”?

Also, both products feature a LED night light for comfortable use during the night time and a heated seat (but really, is there something better on a cold night?).

Similarity #2 – Design

Not only do these VOVO siblings have similar features, but they also look alike.

They are both very comfortable on the eye with their premium and luxurious design and will be a great addition to your bathroom.

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They both come in white color and are made of plastic with the stainless steel nozzle. 

As far as their dimensions and weight are concerned, we can see that they are pretty much the same. At 13 and 12 pounds, they belong to the category of mid-range bidet toilet seats.

Similarity #3 – Price Tag

Even the price of these two bidet toilet seats by VOVO is almost identical! And may we add, it is a highly reasonable price for the articles of this kind of quality.

It’s no surprise that the price tags are that similar, considering that they sport basically the same features, and were built from the same materials.

Not only that – they are economical in the long run, as you won’t spend money on toilet paper anymore.

Oh, and the automatic Power saving mode guarantees low cost no matter for which VOVO toilets of the two you opt!

Similarity #4 – Installation Process

The final similarity of these two bidets we wanted to mention is the installation process, which was, in all honesty, extremely straightforward and easy.

They both came with visual instructions that were precise and clear, so it took us no longer than twenty minutes to set both models up. We are adamant that even those of you who are not very fond of tools would be able to install it within that time frame!

VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR: Main Differences

Difference #1 – Shape

VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR Design differenceAs much as the two are akin, there is still the most significant difference between them – their shape. This is basically the ground principle for distinguishing these two very similar models.

The VOVO VB3000SE has an elongated shape, while the VB3100SR comes in a round shape. From our experience, we can say that the former scored a bit higher because it is slightly more convenient and comfortable, even for the more corpulent people and elderly.

Difference #2 – Warm Water Function Response Time

While the first difference is there for a reason, we assume that the manufacturers did not create this one on purpose.

Namely, even though they both do an excellent job when it comes to warming the water, during our testing, we found out that VOVO VB3000SE takes a little longer, which may be a tiny disadvantage, especially if you are in a hurry!

VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR Decision Time – Who Wins?

VOVO VB 3000SE and VB3100SR completely justify their price and reputation.

It only takes one look at the products and everything they have to offer to come to the same conclusion!

When it comes to settling the VOVO VB3000SE vs. VOVO VB3100SR debate, we just can’t choose the winner.

The fairest thing to do is to say that it’s a tie, because these two bidet toilet seats equally deserve it, and they are so similar.

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Buying one or the other will doubtlessly facilitate your needs with their multiple features and suitable design!

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