VOVOVB4000SE vs. VOVOVB4100SR: Is 41000SR a Worthy Successor?

Bidet toilet seats are becoming more and more popular in the US because people have recognized all the benefits that they bring about – comfort, money-saving, and perfect cleanse.

Of course, as the interest grows, the market grows, too, so there are a plethora of bidet toilet seats out there.

Today, we’ll be comparing and contrasting two options that come from the same manufacturer – VOVO VB4000SE vs. VOVO VB4100 SR.

Without too much reveal, we will say that similarities prevail, but that there are some key differences that should be noted in order for you to make an informed choice.



Our Rating: 95/100


A revolutionary bidet toilet seat by VOVO that opened up a wide range of possibilities with its rich features is the VB4000SE. Not only does it come with more functions than ever, but it was also built from premium materials.



Our Rating: 95/100


The VOVO VB4100SR is equally bumped with smart features, though there are some prominent differences in the design of the two. Nevertheless, it is in the top 3 bidet toilet seats by VOVO of all time.

VOVO VB4000SE vs.VOVO VB4100SR: Comparison Chart

First and foremost, here’s a table that will give you a hint regarding what you should expect in this review, and how these two bidets compare formally.

This is some essential information, but let’s see how they really compare when put to practice!

VOVO VB4000SE vs.VOVO VB4100SR: Main Similarities

Similarity #1 – Features

Both machines are incredibly pumped with smart features, and more importantly – they function equally well on both of them.

There is the subtle LED night light that allows you to use both of these bidets trouble-free during the nighttime. And it also looks great!

But that’s just the beginning!

The warm dryer that accounts for deodorization with three adjustable temperatures, the heated seat, the soft closing – name it, these two bidet toilet seats have it.

Besides, there is the impeccable stainless-steel nozzle that offers feminine, posterior, turbo, and self-wash at five different positions and water pressure levels to bring your convenience to the next level.

And did we mention the wireless remote that you can use to control all these features?

Similarity #2 – Construction

The same high-quality materials were used to make these two bidets.

Namely, the premium-grade ABS is a perfect choice for the body of the bidet, while the stainless steel used for the nozzle guarantees durability and reliability.

Finally, the core of these smart bidets is the top-notch mesh filter that controls the water supply and cleaning. It’s worth mentioning that this filter does not require replacement for its lifetime; hence, it is very economical in the long run!

Pair that with the Energy Saving mode, and you can conclude that these two were built to be very cost-effective.

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Similarity #3 – Ease of Installation

We wish that one was more challenging to install than the other, just for the sake of the easier proclamation of the winner, but, as always, we tell our readers the real story.

And the truth is – both the VOVO VB4000SE and 41000SR are as easy as ABC to set up.

Just follow the visual guidelines that you get with the purchase, use the accessories that you also get, and you will need to dedicate no more than 10 minutes to the installation!

You can also check the video and see it for yourself:

VOVO VB4000SE vs.VOVO VB4100SR: Main Differences

Difference #1 – Shape

The primary factor that makes the distinction between the VOVO VB4000SE and 41000SR is their shape. The former is elongated, while the latter is round.

However, there is no “correct” answer for which one is superior. We like the elongated shape better, as it feels more comfortable, and it is more practical for the elderly.

Again, if you prefer the round shape – you won’t make a mistake with the VB4100SR.

Difference #2 – Dimensions

While the manufacturers did not change the design of the bidets significantly, the main improvement that they incorporated into the VB4100SR is that it is more compact.

Is it enough for it to win this contest, though?

Difference #3 – Price Tag

Just thinking about all the features that these two bidets sport, such as the warm seat in the middle of a cold night, reminds you that they are well worth the price.

However, the VB4100SR comes with a 30-dollar higher price tag.

Is the improvement in terms of compactness worth the extra bucks?

If you ask us, the answer is no.

So, the VB4000SE wins once again.

They both come with the same premium features, and the sole fact that the 41000SR is 2 pounds lighter does not account for the money. Plus, the elongated shape is more comfortable.

Decision Time: Who Wins – VOVO VB4000SE vs. VOVO VB41000SR?

Here comes the verdict: who has won this cross-generation rivalry battle – the VOVO VB4000SE or the VOVO VB41000SR

As the 4000SR did not overshadow the 4000SE in no terms except compactness, we believe that it doesn’t deserve the win, as it also comes with a steeper price.

However, as the difference is not big enough to strictly proclaim one as better than the other, it all boils down to the following question: Do you prefer an elongated or round shape of the bidet?

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