10 Best Webcams For Macbook Pro of 2021

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2021 AutoFocus 1080p Webcam with Stereo Microphone and Privacy Cover, NexiGo N930AF FHD USB Web Camera, for Streaming Online Class, Compatible with Zoom/Skype/Facetime/Teams, PC Mac Laptop Desktop

Cheapest Price

Full HD 1080P USB Web Camera (30fps), Plug & Play Webcam with Built-in Dual Microphone, Multi-Compatible, for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming

Most Premium

Webcam 1080P 60FPS with Microphone for Streaming, Advanced AutoFocus, w/Privacy Cover and Tripod, NexiGo N680P Pro Computer Web Camera for Online Learning, Skype Zoom Teams, Mac PC Laptop Desktop

Although some Apple devices offer built-in webcam, but we still need webcam for Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, or an HD Tivi.

I use my laptop a decent amount when it comes to content creation, not nearly as much as the rest of my setup, but I use it for a few things, such as when I interview someone and we’re doing a Skype or zoom call, and I need to be on my laptop in order to really be able to record it and have all the full functionalities of the program, but I also use it if I’m doing some sort of screen share video, so I’ve used it for steam monsters, content like maybe For opening packs or for battling or something like that, or if I’m doing some kind of tutorial like I did a tutorial a while back on how to claim your bite, ball, airdrop and so instead of me just talking about it, I did a screen share with macbook pro webcam quality.

Walkthrough and so I have been kind of frustrated with the quality of my webcam for mac mini thus far, and so I just invested in a few new pieces and I’m excited to do a few different tests, just to kind of show you guys what I’ve been using, which has Just been the microphone from headset and the camera that comes on my macbook pro, but I’ve got some new cords and ways to hook up my actual microphone to the laptop and then I also got a supertemblor pro stream webcam.

So we’re gon na be testing it out at different phases, and I’m about to hop to those clips just to show you guys the difference of what upgrading some supertemblor pro stream webcams can do.

For the cable to be able to connect my microphone to my laptop and then pay for the webcam, so I haven’t even used it yet I’m super excited to jump in and see how it goes hey guys.

So this is the setup that I currently have I’m just using the camera that came on my macbook pro and I’m just using the microphone literally on these Apple headphones in order to record the audio, and so one thing that I will note is, I do have My studio lights on to help with the lighting, because any time you have a poor quality camera, better lighting always makes it look a little bit better.

But, as you guys can tell, this is a little bit grainy about logitech 4k pro magnetic webcam for pro display xdr.

The audio is a little bit canned and like kind of Metallica sounding, and so the first thing I’m gon na do.

Is I’m gon na try the new cord and try hooking up my microphone to this setup.

It’S all have the same video but hopefully it will work and I’ll have a way better, sounding audio okay guys.

So I have the same video I’m just again from my MacBook Pro the built-in camera, but I’ve got my microphone hooked in now and I hope that it works.

I can’t wait to watch this back and see how it sounds, but it should be a much crisper, clear audio compared to just the kind of staticky and metallic sounding audio that we got with the headset.

So anyway, it looks like it’s working excited to test it out with apple isight webcam.

So the next test I’m gon na do is I’m gon na try to have just the webcam by itself no microphone because supposedly has a built-in mic.

So I kind of want to see how good it just sounds on its own and then the final test is gon na, be trying to use both the webcam for video and the microphone for audio okay guys, and so this is with the webcam fully.

So it’s the webcam video and using the built-in mic from the webcam audio as well. I wish it has wireless webcam for mac.

I did have a little bit of a hiccup recording or before recording this video, because the first video I did first two were in zoom, which is often the software that I use if I’m interviewing someone, but it just looked super grainy and terrible, and so I Did a little research and a folks like it works with other programs like Skype, but it does not work with zoom for some unfortunate reason.

So anyway, I may be a little bit more familiar with using Skype for interviews, but what I’m recording right now is with OBS, which is a streaming software, but you can also just record like screen shares and things like that.

So if the webcam works well for screen record videos or probably use OBS for that and then I’ll use zoom for interviews so anyway again, this is fully just using the Logitech webcam for both the video and the audio okay.

And then this is the final test.

I am using both the video from the webcam and then also this microphone as well, so, ideally or supposedly, this should be the best quality that we’ve seen so far recording from my computer now, one thing that I’m kind of struggling with is I’m noticing, there’s a Little bit of a delay in the audio and video between the fear, recording and OBS, and so that’s something that I will be working on in post, editing to sync up.

But it’s always hard to get the audio and video to match back up.

If they aren’t recorded that way, it usually doesn’t end up looking quite as good, so I’m a little bit bummed about that.

But that’s okay, I’m gon na keep trying things out and keep experimenting and I’m excited to see where this goes.

I can definitely notice that there is a better quality image and audio, which is fantastic, and so anyway, I’m gon na see if I can get it to work better here with OBS and with Skype and so I’ll be playing with all those settings.

But I hope you guys really enjoyed this video and just seeing the difference in all the different settings and how upgrading and using a mic and a webcam can really make the video quality and the audio quality a ton better.

So anyway, let me know what you guys think or if you have a logitech webcam and have any ideas on using it with Skype or OBS or even zoom, which is what I usually prefer to use.

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