What Does An Air Purifier Actually Do?

Nowadays, the air is increasingly polluted, especially in big cities all over the world. The need to live in a clean environment, away from harmful agents, is more and more critical. Therefore, air purifiers are not only a solution to pollution issues but also regular cleaning in families, schools, workplaces, etc.

Read on to know what an air purifier does and if they’re worth taking in account adding to your home.

What Is An Air Purifier?

Air purifier is a household appliance that helps users in respiratory problems, especially for the elderly and children. Being equipped with a filter system, it eliminates bacteria, mold, and pollen, including:

  • Pre-Filter, also known as Coarse Filter, will remove animal hair;
  • HEPA Filter can remove bacteria, viruses, small dust-sized as small as 0.3 micrometers. Almost 99% of airborne dust will be trapped in the HEPA membrane, so it can be said that the HEPA filter is an essential part of an air purifier. In the cost of component replacement, the price of HEPA membranes is also the most expensive compared to coarse or activated carbon filters.
  • Activated Carbon Filter can get rid of unpleasant odors, cigarettes, and animal smell, etc.

For some exclusive products a pollen filter prevents users from pollen allergies as well as the discomfort caused by pollen flying in the air.

Air purifiers usually consist of a variety of filters, fans, suction, and air circulation. As the air moves through the Filter, pollutants are collected, and clean air is circulated back into space.

The Construction Of An Air Purifier

The air purifier is composed of 3 main parts, including Chassis, Exhaust fan, and Filter.


Chassis is the part that protects the elements of air purifiers that are usually made of hard plastic to ensure product safety. Typically, the machine will be designed with an exhaust fan at the front or the rear. When installing the device, pay attention to the place where the mechanism is not shielded or obstructed to help the airflow in and out quickly circulated.

Exhaust Fan

This is the deciding part of the machine capacity. The exhaust fan draws air into the machine through the membrane filter system. At the same time, the outgoing air will carry negative ions out.


Of course, the function of the Filter is to purify the air, trapping dirt, bacteria, viruses, pollen, as well as PM2.5 dust to make the air fresher.

What Does An Air Purifier Do?

Filter Out Fine Dust In The Air

Most air cleaners on the market today are equipped with 4-5 different filters. In particular, the HEPA filter is a place that holds 2.5 microns of dirt that is hard to see by the naked eye (PM 2.5, PM10). You can rest assured to breathe in the environment without dust particles, or dust air.

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Some of the best HEPA membrane air purifiers today are Hitachi, Coway, LG Puricare, Boneco, etc. HEPA filters of a lot of air purifiers brands meet H13 standards, which is at a very high level for HEPA filters. This standard is defined by the US Department of Energy (DOE). It is determined by the HEPA filter that can retain as many as 0.3 percent of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometers (PM2.5 fine dust), of which the H13 standard will retain 99.97 percent of these particles.

Kill Bacteria And Viruses

According to research by the Retroscreen Virology Institute (UK), air purifiers models using Plasmacluster ion technology such as Sharp, Boneco P340, LG Puricare 360 can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, especially flu virus.

Air purifiers use Plasmacluster ion technology based on the principle of emitting charged ions, impacting the protein structure of bacteria, viruses that break and prevent their reproduction.

Deodorizing Function

Smells such as cigarette smell, food smell, the smell of toxic dust often cause unpleasant feelings for humans, and even potential risks cause dangerous respiratory diseases.

The activated carbon filter in the air purifier can retain the top odor. At the same time, it disperses ions in the air and eliminates odors in the room.

With a high-class air purifier equipped with advanced filters, it can eliminate many toxic gases, engine emissions, and chemical odors in the home. You will feel a noticeable effect in just 10-20 minutes.

Eliminating Mold And Allergens

HEPA filter air purifiers can filter allergens such as pollen, animal hair, etc., which are hard to see by the naked eyes up to 99.97%.

Also, the ion dispersion process will disrupt the molecular structure of parasitic molds, thereby thoroughly cleaning the atmosphere in the room.

According to the UK Allergy Certification Organization, an air purifier that uses Plasmacluster ions is suitable for allergy sufferers, significantly reducing allergy exposure on a scientific basis.

Maintaining Moisture

Many air purifier models on the market today have built-in humidification automatically. It will create tiny steam, and fly to the outside environment, keeping the room humidity at the most optimal level.

A natural evaporative humidifying system will not make your room wet. The Antimicrobial silver-ion fan system prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. It also works to make the skin and throat not dry due to dehydration, as well as prevent respiratory diseases.

Mosquito Catching Feature

Currently, the air purifier series is equipped with a unique mosquito catching feature. Some subtropical and rainy countries will have an ideal environment for mosquitoes to grow. So, with this feature, the air purifier will give you and your family complete peace of mind not to be bothered by mosquitoes.

Utilizing UV light, dark doors guiding mosquitoes, suction air, and mosquito patches inside the air purifier, large numbers of mosquitoes and small insects will be trapped inside the machine body.

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Wrapping Up

Poor air quality can worsen health issues like respiratory infections, heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with poor health are those most severely affected by it. Therefore, please protect yourself and your loved ones from polluted air by owning an air purifier for your family.







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