WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941: Better As A Duo?

Bidets have come a long way and found their way back into the modern-day bathrooms. If you’re thinking of giving one a try, but you’re worried about the lack of space or costs of installing a separate fixture, the bidet toilet seat is the perfect choice for you. 

And what better way to experience all the benefits of a new bidet toilet seat than with a new toilet to match? 

That’s why today, in our WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. B0941 comparison review, we take a closer look at two marvelous options – one, a bidet toilet seat, and the other, a fully functional one-piece toilet. 

Let’s see if they’re worth it!


Our Rating: 94/100


If you want a bidet toilet seat that can be fully customized to your exact preferences, it doesn’t get much better than this smart WOODBRIDGE toilet seat. We’re talking water pressure, temperature, seat heating, warm air drying – and tons of other high-end features!


Our Rating: 94/100


If you’re thinking of retiring your current toilet bowl in favor of a sleek, modern-looking one-piece model, look no further. With a porcelain body, exceptional ease of maintenance, and a powerful but quiet dual-flush system, the B0941 is as luxurious as toilets go.

WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941: Comparison Chart

The truth is, there’s not a lot to compare here, at least not in a traditional, side-by-side manner. One’s a bidet toilet seat, and the other a one-piece toilet – it would be like comparing apples and oranges. 

Still, we wanted to familiarize you with the specs and defining features of the two options, so that you get a better understanding of what they bring to the table – either as a duo or as individual products.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s get to the actual “comparison” of the two – and see which one gets the spot in your bathroom!

WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941: Main Similarities

Similarity #1 – Shape & Fit

WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941At first glance, these two have nothing in common – one is a bidet toilet seat, and the other is a toilet. But here’s the thing: 

The WOODBRIDGE BID 01 is specifically designed to fit WOODBRIDGE’s one-piece toilet, and that includes the B0941. 

The mere fact that one is made to fit the other is the ultimate indicator of how similar these two are when it comes to their elongated shape. 

Similarity #2 – Easy Cleaning

WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941Our absolute favorite thing that these two WOODBRIDGE models have in common is their exceptional ease of maintenance. 

Both models utilize the so-called quick-release design, which makes it super easy to detach the entire toilet seat, clean everything thoroughly, and then put it back when you’re done. 

Even more so, the WOODBRIDGE B0941’s skirted design – and lack of dirt-trapping grooves and corners – further makes maintenance a breeze.

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Similarity #3 – Quality Construction

One thing we’ve noticed while testing these two options is that WOODBRIDGE pays a lot of attention to the design and construction of its products. 

Whether we’re talking about a mostly plastic toilet seat or a full-sized porcelain toilet, the quality construction and exceptional craftsmanship is evident in both their styling and functionality, down to the tiniest of details. 

WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941: Main Differences

Difference #1 – Features & Functionality 

The BID 01 is loaded with high-end features that allow for a highly customized experience, tailored to your specific preferences: 

A heated seat with five temperature levels, adjustable water pressure, a water heater with five temperature settings, a warm air dryer, safety On/Off sensors, an LED night light, energy-saving mode. You name it, and this smart bidet toilet seat probably has it.

The B0941 looks a bit stripped-down in comparison, lacking all the bells and whistles of the WOODBRIDGE BID 01. 

Difference #2 – Installation 

The good news is that both the WOODBRIDGE BID 01 and the WOODBRIDGE B0941 come with detailed, step-by-step instructions, complete with handy illustrations to guide you through the installation process. 

The bad news is that, even though WOODBRIDGE B0941 is generally considered an easy-to-install one-piece toilet, you’ll have to put in a bit more elbow grease to get it done, especially with it weighing over 150 pounds. 

Difference #3 – Price 

It’s not so much about which one’s better – and thus, more expensive. It’s about what you’re getting for the money: 

If all you want is a bidet toilet seat, you can get away with spending less. But if you’re looking to upgrade your entire toilet – with or without the matching bidet toilet seat – it’s going to cost you.

Decision Time: Who Wins – WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. WOODBRIDGE B0941? 

As we’ve hopefully shown in this WOODBRIDGE BID 01 vs. B0941 comparison review, both of these can fit right into your bathroom. 

It all comes down to you: 

If you’re happy with your current toilet, but want the highly customizable experience of using a high-end bidet toilet seat, the WOODBRIDGE BID 01 is an obvious choice. 

If, however, you want a one-piece toilet with a comfortable and luxurious feel, the B0941 is the way to go. Plus, you can always upgrade to a smart bidet toilet seat, like the BID 01.

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