Cooling and Fueling the Planet

Qteros' unique Q Microbe® technology platform offers the industry for the first time a cost effective pathway to accelerate and optimize the commercial build-out of cellulosic ethanol production throughout the world market.

Working to produce the lowest-cost non-food cellulosic energy

At Qteros, we are developing a carbon-neutral conversion process that produces the lowest cost, non-food, scalable ethanol that will help substitute for the planet's fast diminishing liquid fuel supplies.

Our biomass-to-ethanol conversion process begins with the naturally occurring Q Microbe®, a highly efficient and versatile organism. Qteros' scientists and engineers are developinga more efficient and less costly process than conventional conversion.

As we roll out our technology on a commercial scale, homegrown transportation fuel will become cheaper, cleaner, and more sustainable.

Qteros Process Is Virtually Carbon-Neutral

The Qteros industrial process is very close to being carbon neutral; it produces only slightly more CO2 than its plant material inputs absorb from the atmosphere.



As we enter an era of unprecedented stress on our ecosystems and economies, we at Qteros are turning to the earth itself—its plants and microorganisms—for solutions to our energy problems... more


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Qteros is a dynamic team of scientists and innovators committed to developing cheaper, abundant biofuels which do not compete with the world's food supply... more

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